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Fine Arts
Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School
San Jose, CA
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Anais's Story

I have been passionate about photography since I was little; it has always been a big part of my family. My uncles owns a business that includes photography, so there was always more than two cameras around. But it wasn't until after I turned 15 that I bought myself my first camera. Since then, I've taken pictures of anything and everything I can. I see it as a way to show how I see the world in my own perspective.

Attending Oxbow Summer Art Camp will help me grow my passion in photography into something serious. Not only will I be able to learn more about cameras and ways of taking pictures, I will be able to learn about other forms of art and how they interact with photography. I feel attending this summer camp will help me grow as a photographer, as a student, and as an artist in general. I want to take my inspiration with me in life, and seeing how it will complement my work and goals that I set for myself. This is a real opportunity to do that.

A Note from Ms. Morales, Anais's Teacher

Despite our inability to give this student access to any form of art, Anais has found ways to still work on her photography skills. She is a part of two clubs that she helps run yearbook club and photography club. These clubs are created by students and run by students. I know she can benefit from the Oxbow Summer Art Camp because this camp will offer her insight and experiences that we have been unable to offer for her. She will be able to participate in different art forms that will only serve to inspire her more. She will most likely bring in the information she learned and see how she can apply it at our school.

Campaign Activity
Anais posted an update
May 2
Oxbow Summer Art Camp

I am going to be able to attend the Oxbow Summer Art Camp and it is all thanks to your generosity and care. I am really looking forward to attending this camp and learning all kinds of new things about art. Because my high school is new and just starting out, there aren't that many classes where I get a chance to express my creativity. Not only will this camp help me better express myself, it will help me become a better artist and a hopefully a better person. I am extremely grateful for all of the help you have given me! I know for a fact that this summer art camp will help me gain a lot of life long knowledge pertaining to photography, sculpting, and painting! Thank you!

Success! Ms. Morales helped Anais raise $3,600
April 11
Anonymous donated $987
April 11

Anais siempre ten Fe, lucha por tus metas y que tengas un verano productivo....tqm

Anonymous donated $300
April 11

Sigue tus sueños.....

Carlos Sanchez donated $30
April 10
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April 7
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April 4

hechale muchas ganas a todo lo que hagas Anais! And always follow your dreams...

Roberto Martinez donated $25
March 17
Nelly Gutierrez donated $20
March 15

Anais no es mucho pero te lo doy de corazón. You can do it! And never give up Te extraño.
Ms Gutiérrez alpha public schools !

Rita Martinez donated $100
March 15
Marcela Toscano donated $44
March 15

Anais have a blast on the camp!

Anonymous donated $20
March 15
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March 15

Felicidades Anais por seguir tu pasión y por no dejar que el dinero sea un obstáculo!

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March 15
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March 15
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March 15
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