June 25, 2024
We’re working hard to bring life-changing opportunities to students in need.
Since 2012, we've helped 2176 students raise $4,158,601 in funding for summer programs.
We've found:
After returning from summer programs, Wishbone students improve academically.
reported improvement in academic achievement
of graduating seniors were accepted to college
plan to attend college
Gabriel Smiley
College Counselor
[Wishbone] gave my students a chance to participate in programs that were previously out of their families’ reach financially. This means exposure to new ideas, cultures, people, and tons of preparation for their transition into college.
They are more prepared and independent.
Yesenia Negron
10th Grade
This program experience gave me a glimpse of what college would be like. It is a lot of independence and it will be a little hard at first to meet new people but it’ll also be fun.
reported improved ability to manage time effectively and complete tasks on time
said they were more prepared to overcome challenges
were able to name a specific career path they wished to pursue
They are more confident and curious.
of students reported improved ability to adapt to new and different environments
of teachers reported increased levels of confidence in returning Wishbone students
of teachers reported increased curiosity and eagerness to learn
Sarah Jackson
11th Grade
This program has helped me learn how to be creative and not afraid to expand my ideas.
They come back and inspire others.
84% of students said that they have used the skills they have developed through Wishbone to inspire and help other students apply to summer programs.
And we’re just getting started.
In the coming months, we’re working to get more students, teachers, and high-quality programs involved with Wishbone to bring opportunity to even more students in need.
Meet Kaylla
11th Grade / Brooklyn, NY
Mrs. Ware and 8 other people funded Kaylla’s tuition to Pre-college Fashion Academy at Parsons. Thanks to donors like you, Kaylla was able to pursue her passion as a young fashion designer.
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