Supporting the next generation of passionate students.
Since 2012, the Wishbone community has raised $4 million to send over 2,000 passionate students to summer programs.
Photo: Alondra, 12th Grade / The Bronx, NYC. The Wishbone community sent Alondra to Brooklyn Ballet.
Wishbone empowers low-income high school students to experience life-changing summer programs.
Here's How it Works
100% of donations go to student scholarships
  • We identify low-income students with clear passions.
    Meet amazing students who can’t afford to pursue their passions.
  • Donors sponsor student scholarships.
    Fund their tuition and fees for a transformative summer program.
  • We send updates on student progress.
    Get updates on their progress before, during, and after their program.
We’ve helped 2176 students find funding to pursue their passion at a summer program.