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San Jose, CA
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Kenia's Story

My passion is leadership skills.

Attending the National Teen Leadership Program will help me explore my passion for being a leader because it will not only teach me how to be a leader in my community but also the entire world. In being a leader you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. For me, being a leader starts at home. I want to start off by being a great leader and role model to my two younger siblings. In my family, I'm going to be the first to attend college and have a degree. If I were able to attend this summer program, I'd be able to improve my leadership skills and get to know people. My main goal in attending this program is to make memories that will last me a lifetime and also learn new leadership skills that I can teach other people and use throughout my life.

A Note from Ms. Bravo, Kenia's Teacher

"Kenia feels strongly about justice and the fight against inequality. She is conscious about the inequalities due to race, class, and is interested in combating these issues. Still, right now Kenia does not have enough skills or knowledge to put her passions into practice. Through the National Teen Leadership Program, she will channel her passion in a positive and productive manner.

If accepted into this program, she will contribute a lot of her great qualities and will be accepting of any lessons and skills offered to her. This program will help her see her path more clearly as well as assist her in getting on track. Kenia might get motivated to apply and be prepared for a better university and better opportunities than she has in mind now."

Campaign Activity
Kenia posted an update
August 15
My Life-changing summer at the National Teen Leadership Program!!!

I am extremely happy that I was a part of Wishbone and I am also really happy that I got to attend the National Teen leadership Program. Attending the NTLP was something I was really debating about right after I got fully funded just because I was nervous and was going alone. I didn't know what to expect and I felt so uncomfortable but I'm so happy that I took this opportunity because not many people have opportunities like this. Being at NTLP helped me step out of my comfort zone and I met a lot of new people.

I felt welcomed and so comfortable around everyone and I'm glad that I got to know them. We learned to work together throughout the ropes course and we bonded a little more and got closer. We laughed, we enjoyed each others company and cried. NTLP was just so raw in the sense that we were hoping not to be vulnerable and then it just happened. The words the guest speaker, Calvin Terrel, spoke were so real and they made us so emotional and we all hugged each other and we all bonded because we put ourselves in the shoes of others and tried to feel what they felt.

NTLP was such a great experience and I will definitely attend the program next year. Thank you to everyone that made this possible by funding me and thank you to my former advisory teacher Ms. Bravo who allowed me to join Wishbone. Without Ms. Bravo, attending NTLP wouldn't be possible and I appreciate her for everything and wish her nothing but the best. I hope that we can one day cross roads again. I know that I am no longer her student but I can guarantee that Ms. Bravo will forever stay in my heart because just like NTLP, she inspired me, believed in me, and changed me.

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You rock, Kenia. Keep on working hard. - H.

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