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Business & Law
Leadership Public Schools - Oakland R&D
Oakland, CA
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Teniayo's Story

My passion is law.

I have a passion for debate, and have always been known as the lawyer around my house. I would get in the middle of different arguments. As the youngest of 5, I was more interested in running the trials between my brothers. I was a strong writer, and a quick thinker, and was able to practice pretty often. Sometimes I would argue for the person who was wrong just because I was up for the debate.

I believe that attending Education Unlimited Mock Trial will give me inside knowledge on how a court system works. I want to better understand what trial law looks like, and how to be successful. Mock trials gives you the opportunity to participate in lower mock court trials to test and experiment your ideas/theories. This will give me the experience I need to make choices about what I study in college, and how I use debate in my career.

A Note from Mrs. Ekong, Teniayo's Mentor

Teniayo would be an excellent candidate for Mock Trial because it would allow her to get a sample of a potential educational/professional pathway that she is genuinely interested in. I think that this program is excellent, and she is the perfect fit.

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