Jung has applied to attend NSLC Medicine and Healthcare this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA
Successfully funded on May 2nd, 2016!
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Jung's Story

My passion is medicine.

As a kid, I would always sit and wait in the pharmacy as my relatives waited for their prescriptions. The repetitive motion of measuring the grams of the pills and filling them in the orange containers was mesmerizing to me. Then, as I grew older, I realized the impact that medicine has and the long process that it takes to receive medication.

By attending NSLC Medicine & Healthcare, I hope to further explore my passion for medicine by learning about the different procedures that a healthcare career requires. Through this program, I hope to learn about different surgical techniques that are used on patients and how those techniques are chosen. In the future, I would like to pursue a medical career, so I hope that I could learn more from medical professionals about the different fields that medicine and healthcare can break into. This opportunity will give me a glimpse of what the medical career is like.

A Note from Ms. Anderson, Jung's Teacher

"Jung‰'s passion to help others succeed as much as she wants to succeed is a characteristic that truly makes her the most diligent student I know. She spends a lot of time helping her classmates in her areas of expertise. Many students attribute their success to getting help from Jung or studying with her.

Jung is still growing in her ability to serve and would benefit greatly from direction. The National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine & Healthcare will give her an opportunity to pursue her passion in medicine more in depth so she can serve her community with her new skills."

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Success! Ms. Anderson helped Jung raise $2,995
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Good luck Jungie

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April 14

Jung! I really am inspired by your passion and can not wait to hear about what you learn this summer!

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