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Leadership Public School Richmond
Richmond, California
Successfully funded on April 12th, 2018!
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Josue's Story

My passion is basketball.

I discovered my passion for basketball when I noticed I was so amazed by it. The work you have to put in just to make a basket represents how far a person comes. Basketball showed me discipline that no other person has taught me. I learned how to manage emotions I once felt controlled by. Most kids say they want to be the best, but never take time and work on their craft. I know there is competition on every corner of the game, but that just makes me go stronger on proving them wrong on why I am the best. The skills I use in basketball can also be applied to my personal life. It takes time to develop certain skills and master them, and I think this can be used in life in achieving my goals.

As I pursue my passion of basketball, PGC Playmaker College will help me grow from my weaknesses. I will also learn how to grow confidence, which a playmaker holds. I also hope to learn more about how to get through college or how to join a Division 1 team. A playmaker holds a leadership position, and as a young student, I need to work on my leadership skills to become great at what I do. This opportunity will help me gain new experiences that will not only take my basketball dreams to a new level, but also open doors to allow me to continue my dream of playing professional basketball.

A Note from Mr. Tobar, Josue's Counselor

Josue is a perfect candidate for PGC Playmaker College for a number of reasons. Since beginning high school, he has shown tremendous dedication to achieving his goals. He has been consistent with maintaining a very high GPA and has pushed himself to reach new heights. This year, he advocated for himself to take two math classes at the same time in order to reach calculus his senior year. This proof of dedication on his academics leaves me no doubt about his passion for basketball and what he can bring to this program. Josue will bring an attitude of learning, collaborating and, most importantly, humbleness. By participating in this program, Josue will benefit in a lot ways. Having the opportunity to participate will fuel his dream of growing as a basketball player. He will be able to learn from his peers, step out of his comfort zone to continue growing as young man, and develop a different mindset around reaching his dreams. Coming from Richmond unfortunately means not having many resources or options to dream. This once in a lifetime opportunity can steer him and prove to him that hard work and dedication opens up new doors for success.

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Success! Mr. Tobar helped Josue raise $895
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Study strong, sky is the limit.

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Keep up the hard work!

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April 9

I'm so excited for you! Keep up the good work :)

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April 9

Follow your dreams Josue! The Lakers will have a jersey ready for you!

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April 9
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