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Science & Medicine
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Assitan's Story

My passion is chemistry. When I was in 7th grade, I learned about the periodic table. Luckily, I already knew about it due to my sister. Because of my sister's help, it was easier to understand and I excelled at it. I love mixing chemicals to see the outcome. I was also intrigued when my chemistry teacher,, took salts from the periodic table and put it on fire to demonstrate how to make neon lights. My passion for chemistry motivates me to have a career in science that will help people. By attending the NSLC Medicine and Healthcare program, skills and techniques like studying DNA and identify parts of the human body would further my passion for chemistry. This program is going to help me develop leadership skills and push me out of my comfort zone. The NSLC Medicine and Healthcare program will demonstrate the difficulty and importance of the medical field and help build skills I'll need to pursue my passion.

A Note from Ms. Angiolillo, Assitan's Teacher

NSLC Medicine and Healthcare will help Assitan to be better prepared for post-secondary science work and interacting with peers, faculty, etc. from different backgrounds. This summer program would provide Assitan with hands on lab experience. It is an amazing opportunity for her to be more comfortable experimenting and exploring no matter the situation.

Campaign Activity
Assitan posted an update
July 24

I had a fun time. I made new friends and enjoyed the surgical rounds. It was exciting!

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