Eshe has applied to attend Broadway Dance Center Open Classes this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on March 28th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$390 raised
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Eshe's Story

My passion is dancing.

I discovered my passion for dance when I lived in Connecticut and was opened up to a broad range of techniques. I started dancing when I was 4 years old and stopped when I was 10. I want to start dancing again because it is a great passion of mine. My passion for dance came when I was able to understand many rhythms at a young age and I want to express that in any way possible.

A Note from Mr. Scoble, Eshe's Teacher

Eshe is such a wonderful student. Not only is she incredibly bright, she also has a strong work ethic. She is responsible, kind, and always helping others improve through peer mentoring and service. I also know (and have seen) how passionate she is about dance. Her face just lights up when discussing it with me. I would love to see her shine in any of her Broadway Dance Center Open Classes because she works so hard, she excels academically, is a strong role model to students in our academic community, and she has the determination to pursue her passions.

Campaign Activity
Eshe posted an update
September 8
Post-Attendance Update

After I completed my program I feel more educated on dancing. I've learned new techniques, preparing me for dance this fall. I plan to continue my dancing in Connecticut and I plan on taking what I've learned into the future. Thank you to all that have helped me achieve my goals this summer.

Eshe posted an update
May 8
Why I Chose To Go To The Broadway Dance Center Open Classes

As I finish my freshman year, I believe that this dance program will allow me to create new friendships , and open new relationships with leaders and dancers. My long time passion for dancing is expressed and I believe that i can create great goals through this program. I am grateful to all who donated to my Campaign. I will succeed and not let the money that I was given go to waste. I will use this opportunity to open new doors in dancing, and any other profession I choose. Dancing is my life and these donations have allowed me to do something I never have and I am appreciative because of it.

Success! Mr. Scoble helped Eshe raise $390
March 28
Ali & Steve Chartan donated $31
March 28

My brother Mr Marcus is so proud of you! 😊

David Marcus donated $50
March 28

Your ELA teacher wants to help u achieve your dreams

Lee Marcus donated $50
March 28

Eshe! Always here to support you. Thanks for being you and following your academic and extra curricular dreams.

Neil Burgess donated $30
March 28

Follow your dream and passion. Good luck.

Hugh Niles donated $25
March 28

Follow your dreams and I look forward seeing you on stage on day !

Anonymous donated $5
March 26

Eshe, this looks like an amazing way to spend your summer - learning more about the thing you love the most. Best wishes for a fantastic experience with new friends.

CynthiaRae Hills donated $75
March 26

Good Luck Eshe! I love you!
~ Mrs. Hills

Nadia Perry donated $25
March 23

I believe in you Eshe!!! I want to see you defy ALL the odds, break down doors, and blaze trails for those coming behind you! I'm proud of you!! Go get it!!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 13
Mr. Scoble started this campaign
March 13
Eshe was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1