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Ana's Story

My passion is Soccer.

I'm on my school soccer team. Even though there are only pure juniors and seniors I joined it anyways because I wanted to try new things. Soccer for me, it's something I could express myself and something I could spend my free time on . I enjoy playing soccer at school. When I'm at my house I spend my time on the field with friends because that's what I love . There are people who tell me to just stop playing because I supposedly suck but I don't listen because I know one day I'll get better by hard work and loving what I do.

Nike soccer camp will help me explore my passion by accepting me by who I am. They will help me by making me a better soccer player and by supporting me. Also by giving me all the support, what a soccer player needs. They will help me on getting me out of my comfort zone because I'm shy and they would help me feel more confident for who I am. Another reason they would help me by making me meet new people that have the same passion as me .

The community I live is somewhere were people think we won't make to college because there us a lot of low come families and a lot of gangs where young adults would join because people think that's cool. Reality is that it is not . My school is where people are scared to join because of all the history we have heard from. When I was in junior high that wasn't my dream high school I wanted to go because I was scared from all the stuff I heard, but I heard of a program called college track . College track to me was something I wanted to apply to be a first generation in my family, that was the reason I applied to Jordan. My biggest obstacle is keeping track on school, college track, and soccer soccer practice because I have to manage that in my every day life. I'm working on it by paying attention in school, going to soccer practice, doing my homework, getting help , and studying at college track. I would over come it by always thinking that one day I will have my degree .

A Note from Mr. guzman, Ana's Mentor

Ana displays her passion for soccer through her diligence. On top of meeting her demands at school, Ana is part of College Track Watts (a college success program) where she devotes time to preparing for college as well as serving her neighborhood through community service. With so much going on in Ana's life she somehow still finds time to pursue her passion for soccer. Ana does not have a private coach, a team with superior funding, or often times a safe environment for her to practice outside. Despite this Ana rarely misses an opportunity to improve her game. She is often seen wearing soccer attire as she is constantly going to and coming from practice.

Ana is a great candidate for the Nike Soccer Camp because she truly sees this opportunity as a chance to improve her skills. I believe she will approach the camp enthusiastically and try her to best to absorb everything she is being taught. Ana also contributes greatly in team environments. I am witness to Ana's warm personality and I believe this benefits the camp as she is very welcoming and will bring a positive energy to a group of attendees who don't know each other yet.

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gilbert Christine father is asked to support his daughter with her wishes to help
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Hey Ana!
Jonathan tells me nothing but good things about you, wish you the best of luck!

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