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Technology & Engineering
Summit Public Schools: Shasta
Daly City, CA
Successfully funded on May 22nd, 2016!
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Jonathan's Story

My passion is helping others.

Although helping others may seem broad, I really discovered this passion in my freshmen year of high school through extracurricular activities and free time. First, I became involved with the Red Cross in the summer and decided to help people through starting a club. Our main focus is to prepare people for disasters by teaching them disaster preparedness. After this day, I realized that I felt truly felt happy when I helped or inspired others.

Attending iD Tech Camps would further help me explore my passion in helping people. With this knowledge, I would understand what it takes to create and manage a business or nonprofit organization that helps people. In addition, I could create plans and opportunities with companies to provide more support to people of all needs. All of these skills will help me further develop as a helpful member of society and a leader.

A Note from Ms. O'Connor, Jonathan's Mentor

Jonathan is a good candidate for iD Tech Camp for many reasons. Most importantly, Jonathan is an extremely hard working student. As a student, Jonathan pushes himself not only to finish his work, but to learn new things and to enjoy himself while doing so. Jonathan is not the type of student to give up because something is challenging--instead, he is able to strategically use the resources available to him to push through whatever is keeping him from his goals. Jonathan also strives to improve upon his previous work, and is not afraid to ask for help and advice when he needs it. If he were to participate in the program, Jonathan would participate in all activities enthusiastically, and be excited to learn new skills.

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