Alex has applied to attend iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Downtown College Preparatory Academy - El Primero
San Jose, CA
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$949 raised
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Alex's Story

My passion is engineering.

I found my passion for engineering because my father is an electrical engineer and I have always wanted to do something with engineering but on the side of technology. So now that there are huge opportunities in the fields of technology and engineering, I think it would be a perfect fit. Also, I like that engineering isn't just a career that you do because it pays well but because it is also fun and you are always trying a new system or a new program.

The opportunity to attend iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area will help me improve my skills in the field of engineering. Just having a passion for something doesn't necessarily mean that you can do it. By attending this program I will gain more experience. I am passionate about engineering and technology, I am driven to work hard, and I believe I would be a great fit for this program.

A Note from Ms. Aubry, Alex's Counselor

Alex Huerta is an exceptional student who is extremely motivated to push himself above and beyond the high school experience. Alex goes to great lengths to advocate for himself, making certain he takes advantage of every possible opportunity. He asks for advanced math and english assignments, he consistently follows through on these opportunities and regularly exceeds expectations.

Campaign Activity
Alex posted an update
May 4

I have now been fully funded for Id Tech Sf Bay Area Summer Camp and would like to thank everybody who donated to my campaign. I am exited to attend the program and learn about Cryptography and Cyber Security which are both subjects I have no knowledge on. This program will make my summer so much more interesting and I am looking forward to attending.

Success! Ms. Aubry helped Alex raise $949
April 27
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April 27
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April 26
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March 22
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February 1