Victor has applied to attend Computer Science Institute at Stanford University this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Victor's Story

Victor has been working with computers since a young age, but he’s only recently discovered a passion for programming. He wants to learn more about where computer science can take him. He would have the perfect opportunity to explore this with the LEAD Institute this summer.

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Victor posted an update
January 2
Computer Science at Stanford

I attended the LEAD Computer Science program at Stanford University. This program had a big influence on my career goals because I got to see real life examples of the application of computer science as well as learning new things with others who were also enthusiastic to learn.
One of the best parts of the program was that every day someone would come in and present something about CS/engineering/business and I really got to see a different side of CS than what I had seen before. I got to see how someone made a game in Eclipse (that’s what I use to make programs/games) that was educational, yet still fun. 
I am super excited about college because I got to spend 3 weeks at Stanford and I got a little taste of college life. I am now really excited about visiting colleges and applying.

Success! Victor's campaign raised $1,925
March 23
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Get it Victor...!

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Best of luck Victor!

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Going to LEAD will be an incredible experience. Make it happen Victor!

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