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Environmental & Outdoors
KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory
San Francisco, CA
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Alexa's Story

My passion is exploring.

I chose to attend SEACAMP because I want to explore my options while I'm still able to. This program could lead to another passion since I already love being in the water. This experience will give me a chance to connect with other people who share similar interests. I'm excited to see how other students interact with the animals and how it makes them feel.

A Note from Mr. Kell, Alexa's Teacher

"Alexa has big dreams and plenty of ambition but has never been outside of San Francisco. Alexa is an excellent candidate for the SEACAMP I program because it would expose her to new people and experiences that she would not otherwise have the opportunity to realize. Alexa would benefit greatly from this program because she loves to be around water. Additionally, the hands on labs that SEACAMP I provides could present a new career path that she might not discover otherwise.

As an educator for over 12 years, I am confident in my ability to recognize individuals who possess the requisite attributes of a successful student and writer. I unconditionally recommend Alexa Coleman for a position at the SEACAMP I program."

Campaign Activity
Alexa posted an update
October 1
Thank you all

The experience at Sea Camp was so different. I was the only black kid there, but the first day I made friends and the counselors asked me questions and made me feel welcome at the camp. The first day was so different; we did boogie boarding which is something I've never done before, and it will definitely be something I do again. As the week continued, people kept asking me questions about California because I was one of the only kids from there and it was fun. The fact that everyday we did something different meant I had fun each day. This is something I will never forget in my life.

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June 4
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June 4

I pray this will help go far

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June 4

I believe every child should have an education and most of all find a place where they can best use their talents. Margaret Wendel

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June 4

Cultivate hope ❤ Have fun Alexa!

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June 2

Hi Alexa,
I know you will be great at whatever you choose. Your a very bright girl!

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Chase your dreams!

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May 8

this is a good experience for her to learn something that she love to do hope you learn what you want to do in life love you very much.Love u big cousin Mungo.

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May 5
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May 5
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February 10