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East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
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Emely's Story

I discovered my passion for photography when I started high school. Holding a camera of my own would mean a lot. I asked my photography teacher if I could use one of his cameras he had to take pictures of the kids who went to our activity. He agreed and I was really excited. When everything was done, he asked me how everything went and if I could show him how the pictures came out. When he told me that they were good pictures, I was very very happy. Being able to do what I love and being praised for it is priceless. I love seeing smiles on peoples faces after seeing my pictures.

Attending Parsons Summer Intensive Studies in New York will help me pursue my passion for photography. I think this would help me because I can learn more about how to take pictures, how to take the perfect picture, and how to work a camera properly. I see photography as art, and it calms me to know that I can look back at a photo I took before and be mesmerized with the feeling of what happened that day. I also think that this program could make me more outgoing. I want to find out for myself how this program will push my limits further.

A Note from Mr. Staples, Emely's Counselor

Emely is a good candidate for Parsons Summer Intensive Studies because she is interested in learning more about analog and digital photography. She will benefit from participating in this program by learning how to convey ideas and exploring themes in her work. In addition, Emely will have an opportunity to network with other students who are interested in developing their skills in documentary and fine art photography.

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April 20

I love the way your eyes see our world ... I cannot wait for you to continue to showcase that vision through your photography.

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April 20

I am proud of you Emely. Good Luck with your Wishbone campaign

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April 20

Best of luck Emely!!
Mrs. Kerr

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I am delighted to support you and wish you
the best experience! Looking forward to seeing your work...

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Keep inviting your community to donate & support your dream!

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