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Daniela's Story

My passion is cosmetology.

At the age of eleven, I began exploring the internet in search of a hobby. While exploring, I found myself interested in a YouTube community named Beauty Guru, a group of women who create videos about cosmetology. I spent hours watching girls my age and women discuss tips and tricks using make-up. I was mesmerized by their talent and I wanted to try it for myself. It has been four years now of practicing on myself and others. Cosmetology has become my passion, and I plan to pursue this as a career in the future.

I have a special interest in Entrepreneurs-in-Training because my dream is to create my own business. My plan is to attend business school and double major in marketing and finance. After earning a bachelor's degree, I hope to attend cosmetology school to further my techniques and earn a cosmetology license. I am well aware that Barnard is a very prestigious institution where women are driven, brilliant, and bold. I would love to be surrounded with great women to help me grow not only as a student but as an individual.

A Note from Ms. Garbarg, Daniela's Teacher

"During the our research unit, Daniela wrote, designed, and performed a TED Talk in front of the whole class. Her enthusiasm about delivering a quality TED Talk motivated her to dedicate a lot of time and effort to the piece. Consequently, she delivered one of the most moving and provocative research projects that year.

Daniela is one of the most driven people I've had the pleasure of working with. Once she finds something she's passionate about, she will dedicate time, energy, and effort into learning more about it. She actively seeks feedback from mentors and coaches and would benefit from all the resources that the Entrepreneurs-in-Training program can offer."

Campaign Activity
Daniela posted an update
August 11
Post Program Update: Entrepreneurs in Training at Barnard College

Barnard College was an incredible experience and undeniably has given me one of the highest levels of intense learning that I have yet received. From the first day, I knew it would be an intense week and a half, however, I also knew that I would receive the absolute best training from some of the most successful people in the business world.

My instructors, Michaela Murphy, Naomi Tweodros, and Nathalie Molina Niño, were very clear that this program was not like any other, and it was not. During this program, we were all divided into groups based on business ideas we came up with, and we were given the instruction to create a functioning business within a nine day period. We had to go through different training sessions on developing a business idea, customer research, product design, marketing, branding, naming, product development, financial fluency, implementing a roadmap, business planning, telling our story, getting funded, negotiation, and presenting. We got the opportunity to meet and connect with an abundance amount of men and women from different parts of the industry. They would come in and lecture us on the categories listed above, so having someone new each and every single time was exciting. It was also exciting to meet all of these people in such a short period of time. After the program, I was asked a lot how it was by family and friends. This question always made me pause and think even though I always said the same thing; exhausting. Although an exhausting experience with a 9am-5pm schedule every day for 11 days, I would not trade the experience for anything else. Being a student at Barnard College was empowering and inspiring. Entrepreneurs in Training is a program that I hope continues for many years because I plan to recommend it to younger students who are interested in the field. It is also a program that I will recall as I continue my journey towards my dream of becoming a empowered business woman.

Daniela posted an update
June 23
Entrepreneurs in Training

In less than a week, I will be attending Barnard College for an eleven day summer program. This summer program is called Entrepreneurs in Training, which is exactly what I hope to be! I am excited to get the experience in a field that I am interested in and see how the industry actually works. This is a starting point to the very long road I have ahead of me, in hopes of creating my own cosmetic company, which is why I intend of graduating with a degree in Finance/Marketing. Attending Entrepreneurs in Training will allow me to practice and test whether I truly enjoy the field.

I cannot express my excitement about attending this program and speaking with Professors about my work. I hope that getting feedback from these Professors will not only improve my experience at program but also my junior year. I go to a decently competitive school and I feel that attending this program and setting myself at a bit of a higher standard will really open doors for me and my future.
Thank you for all your support, I am undeniably excited to to attend this program!

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May 20

I believe in you and the following of your dreams!!! Go get'em kiddo!!!

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Because everyone should have the chance to go out and get their dreams. Best of luck, Daniela.

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Good luck! My daughter volunteers for Row NY and is on a committee. Great group.

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Because I love you to pieces 💜

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May 16

I feel confident that Daniela will go places in life for her determination and strong ethics. I want to be part of her journey because I love her and she deserves it. Daniela don't ever forget where you come from when you get to the top!!! :-)

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