Jordan has applied to attend Parsons Pre-College Academy this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Stamford Academy
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on May 5th, 2016!
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Jordan's Story

My passion is Art/Visual Design.

When I was growing up, I had a lot of free time and I would get a notebook and draw some rough drafts of doodles. After a few days of trying to draw, I would look at comics or magazines and free draw the page. I never like to trace because I feel that I am cheating in reference to art. So, to make myself a better artist, I slowly learned new ways to draw and make different kinds of art.

I am a fast learner and do not play when it comes to my education. I always wanted to learn new ways of art so that one day I can open my own shop to fuel my passion. Since I was young I wanted to draw bigger and better things. Attending Parsons will help me achieve this goal.

A Note from Mrs. Kennedy, Jordan's Teacher

"Jordan is a good candidate for Parsons Pre-College Academy because he is ready for the next level. He has the skill to be able to enter a program of that caliber with confidence but also needs the structure and support of a program of similarly focused artists to see how he can pursue his passion beyond high school. He has expressed to me an interest in pursing an arts career field but needs the exposure to see where his passion can take him. I believe that having an opportunity outside of Stamford will help him visualize his potential. He has demonstrated to me that he is willing and able to travel to pursue his passions by earning an early work release last year from school to pursue a job in a neighboring city."

Campaign Activity
Jordan posted an update
June 6
Thank you!

Thank you for looking out for me and supporting me to reach this goal. I am very excited about attending the Parsons summer program. I am looking forward to learning about art and illustration while also developing relationships that will help positively shape my future.

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