Jonathan has applied to attend iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Skyline Highschool
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 23rd, 2016!
Fully funded!
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Jonathan's Story

My passion is making money.

Well my grandmother once told me that a man always needs to have some money in his wallet so I always make sure that I have some money on me. After watching a lot of men in my life struggle I've vowed never to end up in the same situations as they did. Hints my passion to make money and become successful. My desire is to give back to my community and to help the people who are struggling around me. Another one of my passions is helping people and with money I can make that happen.

The iD Tech Camp can help me accomplish my goal by teaching me more about computers and technology and with this knowledge I can pursue my dream of working within the field of technology. This program hopefully will be insightful and very productive. Also it will give me credits which can help me get into college. Hopefully I can get a scholarship of some sort for computer science and technology and in the end I will be able to thank the iD Tech Camp for all their help and support.

A Note from Mrs. Johnstone, Jonathan's Teacher

Jonathan Piper has a passion for learning. I think it was his grandmother who was an educator. He is rich in experience and he has a family that supports his efforts to leverage his education, and he's just a lifelong learner.

He has the mind of an engineer. His science fair project involved resurrecting a solar panel that needed to be rewired in order to power a phone charger. It was a struggle, but he was tenacious.

We were a pilot school for the Next Generation Science Standards last year, so we did a lot of modeling in our notebooks. He had to make a musical instrument, but not just one that made noise. I had to produce notes that could be identified when played into a guitar tuner.

He's great with this stuff, and patient with the iterative process of engineering design - testing and revision.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mrs. Johnstone helped Jonathan raise $1,109
May 23
Jeri Johnstone donated $85
May 23
Delana Beacham donated $10
May 23

We all have dreams... Good luck & much success in the future!

Andrea Jones donated $25
May 20
Margie Ong donated $25
May 19
Anonymous donated $20
May 19

Follow your dreams Jonathan! Good luck and much happiness!

Anne Cassia donated $50
May 19

Pursue your dream!

Julie Harleman donated $50
May 19

Hi, Jonathan! I'm a friend of Casey Dolan's and a small business owner in Oakland. Happy to help a student pursue his dreams!

Jessica Vohs donated $10
May 19

I don't know you personally but I saw Casey's post on FB and I wanted to add a little support. Good luck!

Casey Dolan donated $25
May 19

Best of luck! They will be lucky to have you studying with them this summer.

Kathy Dill donated $20
May 18

You are on your way!

Jen Paton donated $25
May 18
Daisyann Larkins donated $10
May 18

LJ, I'm so proud of you. You'll always go far in life. Leave a legecy. Love you. :)

Anjal Pong donated $40
May 17
Ayasha Tripp donated $20
May 17
Shirlene Lai donated $25
May 17

Sorry I forgot so, I just did it!😘

jim pire donated $25
May 14

Ms. Schneider says to help? I help.

May Tulin donated $20
May 13
Gary Lee donated $25
May 13

I know it's not a lot but hopefully it will help to get you into the program! Way to be proactive with your education!!

Christina Garcia donated $75
May 13

To my nephew, good job in finding a productive and academically stimulating way to spend your time this summer! I know you'll do awesome!

Katy Simon donated $25
May 12
Katherine Witteman donated $25
May 12

Dear Jonathan,
I'm so proud of your hard work, dedication, vision, and compassion. Fly high, bright star, and never give up on your dreams. You can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to!
Blessings to you!

Profe Wesely donated $25
May 12

Sigue tus sueños, Jonathan! Yo creo en ti.

Jeri Johnstone donated $25
May 12
Carmen Ranjel donated $100
May 11

Jonathan, I have watched you grow up and you have always shown me that you were intelligent and capable. this is your opportunity to show all of us who love and care for you that you will be successful in life. if things get tough, remember there are lots of us here to support you.

Anonymous donated $100
April 26
iD Tech
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April 26
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April 26
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April 26
Jonathan was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29