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Downtown College Prep
San Jose, CA
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Jose's Story

My passion is nature.

Ever since I was small, I always liked to be outside. Sometimes, I would go with my family and we would go camping and there I was able to explore and see different animals. I would love the opportunity to sleep outside and spend a whole day out in the wild where I would be able to explore and see the variety of things.

If I am able to attend to Outward Bound California, then I will be able to gain experience and get more knowledge of my passion. I will see new places that I would never forget about and feel motivated to continue to explore different places. I will learn how to gather all of my materials, sleep in the wilderness, learn navigation routes, and more.

A Note from Mr. Miluso, Jose's Teacher

"Jose has often mentioned his love of the outdoors. Living in San Jose, an urban setting, access to the world beyond concrete is limited. It is difficult for even those of us with mobility to find the time to get into nature and out of the city even for a few hours. Weeks away hiking, climbing, rafting, playing, would be good for any of us and Jose would take full advantage of this opportunity.

Jose is a hardworking student with a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm for the things he is interested in. Outward Bound will help build his confidence; confidence that will be necessary as he blazes a trail for his family as the first to go to college."

Campaign Activity
Jose posted an update
June 6
Excited For Outward Bound California

I am going to be participating in Outward Bound California this summer. I am really excited about joining this program because it will give me a new opportunity to go out and explore in nature. This is going to be a new way in which I am going to see nature because this is not a place that I would usually go. In fact, this is going to be the first time I visit there so I'm expecting to learn and see many new things. This program is going to help motivate me explore new places and prepare me for the career that I want to have.

I am also looking forward to meeting new people. This is going to be an experience that I will share with others and I will make new friends. Since there will be people from different places that are going to be in the program I am going to be able to learn new things from them and be able to share things about myself. I hope to be inspired or inspire others to have a career similar to mine and to enjoy seeing nature together. This program is going help me make new connections and gain experiences useful for my career later on.

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