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Environmental & Outdoors
Leadership Public Schools - Hayward
Hayward, CA
Successfully funded on June 8th, 2015!
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Rubi's Story

My passion is adventure.

I've always known that I wanted to perform on stage because I love the feeling that I get before a performance. When I dance, I feel like I can show a story through moving my body. Dance takes me to another world, which helps me escape from things.

Outward Bound California caught my attention because I am very shy and afraid of trying new things. If I do this camp, I will learn to rely not just on dancing but to try new things without being scared. I know this camp will push me out of my comfort zone, and in the end will help me take risks in my auditions and performances.

A Note from Ms. Little, Rubi's Teacher

"One of the qualities that I appreciate most about Rubi is that I can sit her with any group of students. She is thoughtful and kind when interacting with students whose skills are lower than hers. She is brave and attentive when interacting with students whose skills are much stronger than hers, never missing an opportunity to ask follow up questions for clarification.

Rubi will be deeply grateful for the community at Outward Bound California. She has expressed to me many times that she understands the role of community in reaching both personal and social goals. Rubi will both benefit from and contribute meaningfully to the community at Outward Bound."

Campaign Activity
Rubi posted an update
August 17
After Outward Bound California

I just want to say thank you to everyone who donated -- I had an amazing time and I learned so much about myself: I am stronger than I think I am, and I learned so much about rock climbing. This experience had a huge impact on me since this was my first time being away from home. I learned to not take things for granted. We did rock climbing, went to two camp sites and gave back to the community and cleaned up the park. I came out of my comfort zone, and I can say that Outward Bound changed me for the better. Thank you once again.

Rubi posted an update
June 26
Excited for Outward Bound California

Thank you to everyone who has donated money and has given me an opportunity that I feel will change me into a better person and will boost my confidence. I am really excited to be going to this program because it will be the first time I leave my parents. It will prepare me to become more independent for when I go to college, and I will be out in the wilderness getting inspired and ready for my senior year in high school. Thank you once again, and I will update about my experience when the time comes!

Success! Ms. Little helped Rubi raise $2,550
June 8
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June 8
Edward Chik donated $25
June 6

Hope the experience at Outward Bound will meaningfully benefit both you and your community!

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Molly Miranda donated $50
May 19

Best wishes on your adventure, Rubi! Molly and Jorge Miranda (friends of Ms. Little)

Katherine Moloney-Steinberg donated $100
May 19

Good luck Rubi!
Thank you Ms. Little

Michael Little donated $100
May 14

Rubi, I wish you success in your campaign and I wish you a wonderful experience at Outward Bound! And congratulations on taking on the challenge of Outward Bound!

Anonymous donated $50
May 13

Hope you have an amazing experience with Outward Bound, Rubi!

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May 6

Donation on behalf of Ms. Little

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May 6
Outward Bound
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May 6
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December 9

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May 6
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December 8