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Performing Arts
KIPP King Collegiate High
San Lorenzo, CA
Successfully funded on June 8th, 2015!
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Jason's Story

My passion is to positively color the world with creativity through music, media, and art.

From a very early age, I grew up in a monotonous environment where everything was definite. My friends and I went to school, and my parents worked - everyone had a schedule of tasks. Fortunately, I had access to the sunshine after a heavy rainfall: art. Art brought uncertainty, emotions, color to my life, and best of all, happiness. Other than music and television, art took form in other medians that would help me communicate and ultimately connect with my family on a deeper level. The paintings and sculptures at museums and even the food we ate became a language of emotions that we understood naturally.

My passion will be developed by learning the skills and techniques taught at SOCAPA Summer Music Camp to further my understanding and performance of music. All of my musical activities are all self-taught and self-funded through work. Although I have come this far without paid lessons, I believe SOCAPA can offer guidance and lessons at a professional level that I can utilize to continue my road to coloring the world with creativity through music, media, and art.

A Note from Ms. Maciel, Jason's Counselor

"Jason is one of the most motivated students I've ever work with. Although he is involved in numerous clubs and activities, Jason has been able to maintain a high GPA. Jason is someone who understands that his hard work and persistence will help him be successful beyond high school. Jason has taken advantage of every opportunity he's had to pursue music, however limited they may be. Attending SOCAPA Summer Music Camp will allow Jason the opportunity to learn about music in a professional environment."

Campaign Activity
Jason posted an update
June 25
Excited for SOCAPA Summer Music Camp!

I can't fully express my gratitude with just words, but trust me when I say that I will never forget what your support means to me. Pursuing music is a tricky thing, especially coming from a traditional family. Luckily, with your help, this vision is becoming a reality. Now that I am able to attend SOCAPA, not only will I get the opportunity to really get an insight into the music culture, I will also get to experience NYU and New York itself to really set a solid foundation for myself.

New York’s coming up in a couple weeks and I’m excited to travel alone. The idea of going through security, rushing to board a flight, and traveling somewhere far for the first time excites me! It’s nice to progress in a passion that once stemmed from a hobby. After trying out classes such as AP Chemistry and Computer Sciences, I realized that my heart is truly set on music. Since I’ve been producing all my music content at home, getting to work in a studio with mentors is an experience that I’ve dreamed to have. Ultimately, I see every class, program, experience as an opportunity to learn who I am. I have a feeling that New York’s is going to be an experience I will never forget, and I can’t wait.

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June 8
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June 8
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June 5

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June 3

All the best Jason!! Nic

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Jessica Riady donated $50
May 25

Congrats, Jason! So excited to see where you'll take this!

Alvaro Bolivar donated $80
May 21

There should be more art in the world! :)

Gregory Quan donated $50
May 20
Elisa Escobar donated $50
May 20

Follow your dreams and know that one day you will make them a reality!! Keep shooting for the stars buddy :)

Savithri Jasti donated $50
May 20
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May 20

SUP graduates on the go!

Genevieve Lipson donated $100
May 20

Good job on all of your hard work at SUP this year! You're going to do great things!!

Amanda Powter donated $100
May 20

Way to go!

Kasia Krzoska donated $60
May 19


So happy you are chasing after your DREAM!! GO YOU! #MakeItHappen.. GO YOU!

Abhishek Kumar donated $50
May 19
Stephanie Nguyen donated $100
May 19

Jason, I know you are so passionate about music and so I am excited to support. Looking forward to discussing about what you learn at camp and how it enhances your perspective.

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May 15
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May 14

Love music. Make it happen Jason!

Laura Otermat donated $50
May 14

I got to go to summer college programs only because someone donated, too.

Lynn Christopher donated $100
May 14

I have three boys who have found music and drama to be critical to their development. They are better people and better workers for it.

I hope this helps you move forward with your dreams.

Anonymous donated $25
May 7

Good luck!

Carla Weiss donated $25
May 7
Anonymous donated $10
May 7

I know music helped to shape my life when I was in high school so I'm glad that you've found this outlet for yourself! Best of luck. :)

Myra Vallianos donated $25
May 6

Jason is a dedicated student and talented musician with incredible passion, and I know he will greatly benefit from an opportunity like this! He deserves it.

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May 6
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