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Science & Medicine
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Leandro, CA
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Christy's Story

My passion is science.

Science became my passion because I want to save people's lives and help people in need. I have always been interested in becoming a nurse, which continues to this day. Reading articles about nurses and the medical field in general has made me become more intrigued by the challenges in this field. Going to college to become a nurse means that I will be able to complete my dream of helping to save lives.

I will be able to develop this passion by attending National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine because I will get a better insight into what the medical field is like. I am certain that attending will make me even more interested in the medical field and help me be able to overcome the learning challenges that may come along the way.

A Note from Mrs. White, Christy's Teacher

"Christy has always expressed interest in the medical field. So often, she would come to me with questions about medical issues. We often discussed these issues outside of class. She works hard academically and truly has a passion for helping others. This is demonstrated regularly, as she often helps her peers with schoolwork.

Christy will benefit by seeing medical professionals in action, which will further motivate her to pursue her goals. She is a great candidate for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine because of her interest in the medical field and passion for things relating to the field of medicine."

Campaign Activity
Christy posted an update
September 18
My Experience at NYLF Medicine

Once again I would like to say thank you so much for donating to my program! This medical program has given me more information and insight about what I wanted to pursue in my future. I not only got valuable information but got to experience and see how the medical field works. During my stay at NYLF Medicine at CSU East Bay, I learned the process of going into medical school and getting to hear about what resident life is like. Also, we got to go on different trips like Stanford where we got to see a cadaver and learn more about the human body. Many speakers came to talk to us about their experiences and what they went through during medical school. We also got to experience what doctors and nurses have to ask when trying to figure out what is wrong with their patient. Towards the end of my stay, we went to San Francisco and had a great time with other participants in my program and were able to use our free time and celebrate what we have accomplished so far. Overall, it was an amazing experience and fun to meet new people that I still talk to. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get this chance!

Team Picture Before Dance
Team Picture Before Dance
Christy posted an update
June 23
Excited for NYLF on Medicine

The program I will be attending is National Youth Forum on Medicine at California State University, East Bay! I am very grateful I have the opportunity to get a chance to attend this medical program, thanks to you! In this program, I will have classes and go to hospital visits so that I will be able to learn about the medical field and develop critical success skills. I chose this program because I want to become a nurse and help people who are not in good health. By going to this program, I believe it will help me get some what of an understanding of some subjects I will learn in college and get to hear insights of the medical field. What I am excited about is to meet new people and to learn more about the medical field and what it is like. I am also interested in how the program will help me in my daily life with the skills I will learn. I also look forward to telling people about my experience at this program because of the effort I and donors put in to get me to NYLF program. I am truly grateful for donations received and will write again describing how the program went!

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June 8
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Good Luck Little One!

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May 9

What a great opportunity! I hope you have fun and learn a lot on the trip.

maria juana lopez donated $1,000
May 7

Christy, I'm Very proud of you and I want you to be Succesful Y que tus suenos se hagan realidad. I love you very much My dear Grand-daughter., (love you, Banca)

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May 5

Good luck Christy!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Renderos donated $25
May 5

I love you Shupy! And I want you to follow your dreams :) -love your big sister !

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May 5

It's great that she is motivated in her studies and that will help when she starts college.

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