Leslie has applied to attend Parsons Summer Intensive Studies in New York this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fordham High School for the Arts
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 7th, 2017!
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Leslie's Story

Attending Parsons Pre-College Academy will help me develop my passion for art through the exposure to various new techniques, experimentation of mediums, and exploration of art styles that I can use for future projects. My artwork is mainly self-taught, so learning these new techniques will make me improve my art skills overall. These new art skills will additionally help me with my art class assignments and projects that are assigned to me in school. With some guidance and feedback, I am sure that this program will help me excel at future pieces of art. I am excited to learn new skills so that I create artwork to portray the messages of drastic change and immigration that I am planning to do for my senior year. This will help me reach my goal of one day proudly representing the young immigrant artists community with my own collection.

A Note from Mr. Swason, Leslie's Mentor

Leslie is a gifted artist who is one the hardest working students that I know. Last year, I had the privilege of working as Leslie’s mentor in her chemistry class. Her detail-oriented mind set allowed her to categorize and incorporate new topics into her overall chemistry understanding. Leslie’s dedication to chemistry allowed her to be very successful on end of year state chemistry exam, despite being the only sophomore in a junior class.

The dedication that Leslie demonstrated in chemistry is mirrored in all of her other classes as well. And while she is passionate about working hard and being successful in all of her classes, it is the Art class in which she truly shines. Leslie applied and enrolled in Fordham High School for the Arts in order to study the discipline of visual arts. She takes advantage of every opportunity to capitalize on her admission into the school. Leslie is focused in her daily art class and she uses this focus to produce beautiful results. Recently Leslie’s artwork was chosen to be featured from a pool of all art majors at the school. Leslie also puts her visual art work and learning into practice across the rest of her classes, utilizing different technique in other academic projects.

Campaign Activity
Leslie posted an update
May 4
Pre-Attendance Update

I will be attending and participating in the Parsons Summer Intensive Studies in a few months. I am really excited to be joining the program because it will be an amazing experience and I know I'll learn many techniques in the painting class that I'll be a part of. This program will help me develop my ideas for the art projects that I'll be doing in my Senior year of high school.

I am looking forward to working with other people, making new friends, and just making the best of my summer by doing what I love the most. I believe that participating in this program will help me decide if I will be pursuing a career with this passion of mine, and improve my confidence.

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April 7
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April 7

You will love Parsons, Leslie! Have an incredible summer.

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April 5

We all believe in you!

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