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Hayward, California
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Antonio's Story

My passion is medicine.

At a young age, I began wondering how we as humans have become intelligent enough to figure out how to fix the human body through injections, pills, and procedures we've developed. My curiosity expanded in middle school when my biology teacher and I would have endless discussions on how the human body worked and why every action we do affects us on a smaller scale. Now that I'm in high school, I am even more interested in not just medicine, but in all aspects of science such as chemistry, astrophysics, and my favorite, human anatomy. It is my first year at LPS; I transferred from another school. In my previous school, my friend and I decided to create a medical club for our school, because we wanted to unite all folks that had the same interests as us and together learn more and more about our passions.

NSLC Medicine and Healthcare will not only expand my knowledge in medicine, but it will also contribute to my future. The program will show colleges how motivated I really am to pursue my career as a cardiologist. I am very determined to attend a college that will set me up best for my desired career choice.

A Note from Mr. Jackson, Antonio's Teacher

As a small school focusing on academic success for long income, first generation students, there are few opportunities for students to engage in content specific to interests in health science. Antonio's desire to work in this field, coupled with his persistence, makes him an ideal candidate for NSLC Medicine and Healthcare. Through this program, Antonio will be able to dive deeper into his passion and explore possible future educational and career opportunities.

Campaign Activity
Antonio posted an update
August 22
A unique experience

The opportunity and experience that wishbone helped me reach was truly unforgettable. I met people from all over the world that had different stories to share and different pieces of knowledge that I embraced and built off of. Without Wishbone's help, I probably would not have gone through this motivating experience.

Antonio posted an update
June 11
The Journey before the Journey

It is now summer. Seniors are graduating, temperatures are getting hotter, and I am getting ready for my summer program. I ran for class president for the rising senior class and I've been overwhelmed with finals and other tests yet thinking about this summer at Berkeley lightens my mind.

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May 16
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May 16

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We are thrilled to support your journey as a cardiologist!

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April 5
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February 2