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Fine Arts
Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School
San Jose, California
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Xzavier-Malik's Story

My passion is musical theater.

As a young kid, I was introduced to the wonders of animation through Walt Disney and Japanese manga illustrator, Masashi Kishimoto. After watching these great artists illustrate their most iconic characters, I was moved to create characters of my own. The perfection of an angle and the amount of concentration in each breathe gave me a new appreciation for both illustrating, and illustrators. Observing two different illustrators gave me insight on two contrasting styles and personalities. This influenced me to incorporate the best of both styles in my artwork.

I have a deep passion for all kinds of art. Academy of Art Pre-College Art Experience will provide me with a strong foundation that will serve me well not just in my art pursuits, but in life.

A Note from Ms. LeDuff, Xzavier-Malik's Teacher

Xzavier seeks any opportunity to get step outside his comfort zone. At our middle school, he participated in the football and basketball teams, attended all school events, volunteered, and looked for ways to go above and beyond in his classes. Xzavier does not just participate- he is self-critical, reflective, and engaged. He is constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his performance in any craft. At our school, we unfortunately do not have any programs that involve music or acting. Thus, I am extremely excited to see Xzavier seeking this exciting opportunity to attend Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience.

Campaign Activity
Xzavier-Malik posted an update
August 20
Post-Attendance Update

Attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco was an amazing experience. Not only did I meet unique and intelligent peers, but the instructors were really kind and insightful in various ways. I was able to utilize the Academy of Art shuttles in order to get from one building to another, which always instilled in me a sense of responsibility and independence. I was surprised, yet intrigued, to learn about the experiences of my peers who were born outside of the United States. Thanks to Wishbone, my amazing teacher Ms. LeDuff, and everyone that helped fund my campaign, I was able to acquire the basic skills and strong foundation I need in order to pursue a career in acting or illustration.

Xzavier-Malik posted an update
May 15
Pre-attendance Update

Attending The Academy of Art Program is only a matter of months away, and I find it difficult to control my excitement. I'm excited for the memories I will gain, but even more so, I'm excited for the technical skills that I will learn and how I will be able to apply those skills after the program has concluded.

Not only will my upcoming experience allow me to network with a cohort of motivated peers, but it will also present the fun challenge of working against them, too. I have found that a good way to assess myself and the skills I procure is by way of friendly competition. Competition allows me to fine tune my skills because the application of the skills I learn must be tested in real world, practical exercise. I'm not always the victor, but I feel like the experience I gain when matching wits with my peers is worth more than an empty victory. The true prize is not in winning, but in earning. In this case, I hope to earn valuable experience. And if I fail, I hope to fail forward.

As I mentioned earlier, I look forward to making new memories as a result of my upcoming experience. But before I can make new memories I must acknowledge the foundation of pleasant memories that have already been birthed. Those memories include the tireless and diligent work of my advocate, Ms. LeDuff, who went above and beyond the call to help me in this venture. Those memories also include my experience with the staff of the Wishbone program, who have proven to be an accommodating and generous team. A special acknowledgment to those who have donated is appropriate. It is unfortunate that so many people never get to reach their full potential in life due to financial hardships and circumstances that are outside of their control. Because of the donors and the collective work of the aforementioned parties, I will have a summer memory that is mine to keep and hold close forever, rather than another summer wish.

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