Amanda has applied to attend NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 5th, 2018!
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Amanda's Story

My passion is psychology. As a 16 year old female originally from New York City, I have developed a mindset that I realize not many kids my age have about the world around me. Why do I bring out such positivity from negative situations when other people just focused on their hardships? I have questioned the human mind a lot and it has driven my interest in psychology. I have always wondered about human decisions and that curiosity has sparked my passion to be apart of a world of study surrounded by psychology.

Attending NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience will help me further expand the knowledge and passion I have for social science. Because this NSLC program specializes in psychology and neurology, it will allow me to be introduced to the specifics of the field and professionals within it. I look forward to surrounding myself with knowledge and interacting with students and people with similar ambitions.

A Note from Mrs. Melnik, Amanda's Teacher

Amanda will greatly benefit from NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience because she needs to be around the company of other students who share her interests and professionals who can guide them. She often feels isolated in a high school because she sees herself as mostly different from students her age. Her life experiences have forced her to make adult decisions about her life on her own, and she does not relate to many young people she sees as unable to understand her. I think this program will open her eyes to both the field of psychology and also give her a broader perspective about the world and how she fits in it.

Campaign Activity
Amanda posted an update
June 27
Thanks to Everyone !

Hey everyone ! Just a few more weeks until I get to experience this once in a life time opportunity . I'm extremely pumped up . Just wanted to thank everyone once again for allowing me to have this opportunity to begin with . Figured since I wont be residing in a college when I actually do head off to bigger things , this program , my advocate , each of my donors still allows me to check it off my bucket list - couldn't do it with out ya ! Will be driving to and from DC from CT , so thanks again for a light I've never seen before . Can't wait till I can tell you guys all about it !

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