Justine has applied to attend US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Bronx Preparatory Charter School (Democracy Prep)
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 29th, 2018!
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Justine's Story

My passion is volleyball. It is important to me and a big part of my life. I have been playing this fun, active, competitive sport for three years. I began my volleyball career in 8th grade. I worked hard and became captain. In 9th grade, I made the JV team. Recently, in 10th grade, my varsity season just ended, and my passion for this sport is just getting stronger.

Attending US Sports Nike Volleyball Camp will help me become a better team player. This will help me meet new people, make new friends, and learn more about the sport. The camp would help me work on my skills, and give me more tips on the sport. I believe camps like this will help me in the future.

A Note from Ms. White, Justine's Mentor

Justine displays immense diligence and a great work ethic towards her goals. Justine and I have exercised together daily and her perseverance is highly impressive. She keeps up with all of the strenuous workouts that I do and she does not give up, no matter how hard it gets. During our conversations, Justine has always expressed how much she dreams of being a great volleyball player. She made it her duty to work out with me in order to reach her goal, and I find that highly commendable for a young lady her age.

Justine is an excellent team player. I think she will be a perfect fit for US Sports Nike Volleyball Camp because this is something that she is passionate about. This program will enhance her skill and will give Justine the kind of intense training that will help her reach her goal. This is a great opportunity for Justine to be around like-minded people who will facilitate in her personal development. She already has the work ethic and the passion, and I think this camp will take her to where she needs to be.

Campaign Activity
Justine posted an update
June 7
Registration Process

The Wishbone process was very informative and an interesting experience to go through. The registration process was very exciting and I feel Wishbone really helped me follow up on my program. Lastly, my campaign had opened me up to having the responsibility of raising my own money and working together with my advocate. Thank you lots! Can't wait to start!

Success! Ms. White helped Justine raise $770
April 29
Charlene Peartree donated $111
April 29

Justine me and your Dad are so proud of you and will always support you in your dreams

Christian Johnson donated $40
April 24

Have a great time sis, love Christian

Valencia McPherson donated $75
April 22

I am so proud of you Justine. I know you have a bright future ahead.. I look forward to continuously see you grow into a wonderful young woman. God-bless you. Love you always, Gma

Anonymous donated $75
April 20

We want you to continue to strive and self motivate yourself in everything you do. So proud of you! Keep it up.
SET & SPIKE!!!!!!

Anonymous donated $50
April 20

Hope you enjoy camp!

Anonymous donated $50
April 13

Just because you’re my pride and joy

Rosemandy Sanders donated $25
April 11

We love you!!! XOXO

Robert & Asun Gillyard donated $150
April 9

Wishing you all the success, love and Blessings in every choice you take in life. :)

Rodney Garnett donated $25
April 8

Just want to support you Justine .. from Uncle Rodney

Chelsea Gillyard donated $20
April 8
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March 30
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March 30
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March 30
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February 2