Abel has applied to attend School of Rock New Canaan this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
J.M. Wright Technical High School
Norwalk, CT
Successfully funded on April 23rd, 2017!
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Abel's Story

My passion is music.

My discovery and passion for music came directly from my family bloodline. As far as I can remember, when I was a toddler my father would play traditional Latin music around the house. My father played four instruments including the guitar, bass, and keyboard. The exposure to my dad’s music influenced me to go deeper into the art of music. As a young kid my mother bought me a numerak cd mixer. That's when I became interested in mixing, blending and producing music. I fell in love with making hip-hop beats. I started making beats on the Ignite music software and paired it with the Akia mpk mini as my keyboard. At the beginning of my producing career, I started to making repetitive beats, only using the same tempo, 808s, and sounds. As I gained musical knowledge, I used more diversity creating beats.

A Note from Mr. Woodson, Abel's Mentor

Abel has an extremely strong passion for the art of music producing. Without having the proper resources in order to become a producer at the highest level, it's hard for Abel to purchase top notch music equipment. Thus, I've witness Abel make quality Hip-Hop beats, with free smart phone applications and save up money for over a year to purchase music software to enhance is skill-set.

I believe that Abel is the ideal candidate to partake in the School of Rock and he will benefit tremendously, being around like mined peers that have the same passion for music, this will spark inspiration across the board and will further develop his musical talents.

Campaign Activity
Abel posted an update
July 13

I am really excited to be attending the school of rock and learning how to properly create and produce beats and learn more about the culture of music.

Abel posted an update
June 26

I cant wait to attend the school of rock program this summer and be surrounded by talented musicians. I look forward to be behind the controls and to be able to make music with the high equality equipment and learn from the musicians and rock out. Although my interest is learning hip-hop music, I look forward to learn rock and roll music. Lastly, for transportation I will have my dad drive me to and from camp, being that I live in Norwalk its not going to be a long drive to camp.

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April 23
Anonymous donated $33
April 23

Best wishes for a fun summer!

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April 21

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April 16


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April 10
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April 7
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April 5

YES Abel!!! I'm so glad you're doing this. You're going to make an excellent musician/producer. (I know from your drumming that you're well on your way). Best wishes to you and your family!

Anonymous donated $100
April 3

Enjoy making music this summer!

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April 1

Never let anything stand in the way of your dreams. Have a great summer!

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March 27
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February 1