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ACE Charter High School
San Jose, CA
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adriana's Story

My passion is nursing.

I discovered my passion for nursing when I was in the hospital with my mother and I saw how the nurses performed with such a kind care for patients. They were professionals in the emergency room and did not freak out by the patients' injuries. In my perspective, I don't mind blood or how irritated the patient is feeling. I really like to help and focus on the patient's illness because I don't want to see them suffering, I want them to improved their health and have a perfect quality of life. From that day forward, my mindset and future revolves around nursing. I'll do my hardest to have a chance to help patients with my independent (professional) nursing process.

A Note from Mr. Shah, adriana's Coach

Adriana is an exceptional science student and is interested in stepping into the world of health care. As a low-income, minority, female, students like Adriana are underrepresented in the healthcare field not because of ability, but because of access. She has shown considerable passion for sciences, works extremely well with other students, and is a thoughtful, reflective student. I have no doubt that Adriana will be an exceptionally qualified and empathetic health care professional in the future.

Campaign Activity
adriana posted an update
August 8
My experience with NTLP

My experience at NTLP was amazing. I have learned a lot from their activities. The program was very organized, and we had the chance to participate in everything. I have met a lot of friends that are from different backgrounds and countries. The staff are really nice and make me feel welcome. This program has changed me a lot by building self confidence, independence, working together as a team, and social skills with people. I recommend Wishbone for more kids in my school or my community.

adriana posted an update
May 4
my pre attendance update

I am going to participate in National leadership program this summer. I am really happy to do fun activities. This is a opportunity to learn activities that I have not tried and I am looking forward to making new friends. I don't mind about the age, it matters about the respect and kindness. I'm hoping to share the leadership I learn at my school where I will attend as a senior this fall. I think this program will not just to help me, but my school by showing spirit and enjoyment.

Ever since freshman year, my school was not showing spirit at all. People from leadership class try to do fun activities to the school, but students think it's boring and it a waste of time. I kind of agree with them, but I know that the leadership class is trying their best to make the school more fun. I'm hoping that when I come back from the program, I can attend leadership class. I will do fun activities I learned from the program. Thank you for your donations so that I can attend and share with people in the future.

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April 23

Best wishes to you Adriana!

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April 22

Wishing you all the Best! Work hard, that will help you to reach your goal.

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March 28

Adriana is a hard worker with an incredibly kind heart. She is always looking to improve the lives of others, and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so as an adult.

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March 27
National Teen Leadership Program
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March 27
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March 27
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