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Technology & Engineering
Norwalk High
Norwalk, CT
Successfully funded on May 12th, 2016!
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Kevin's Story

My passion is gaming.

The way I discovered my passion on gaming was when I was in elementary. I was heavily bullied thanks to my large stature, and I was isolated from my peers and made fun of on a weekly basis. I was alone but through my struggle I saw a light in the form of my cousin's game cube equipped with one controller and Super Smash Bros. melee. My cousin had left it over when he was staying for the night, and I picked up the controller and all the sadness I felt from my life vanished as soon as I pressed the start button. I was in serenity and I was genuinely happy. Obviously I felt the pain continue at school, but when I got home I was serene. My passion goes further as my own brother was facing the same problem, but now he had me and our PS2 which not only made our bond stronger as a family but helped him relieve the pain of going to school every day. That is when I decided games have such a large impact on peoples' lives. Now I want to help others by making a game to take them out of their painful life experiences or just give them a good time.

NSLC Game Design will help me further pursue my goal because it studies the fundamentals of gaming and their in/exterior. I unfortunately know nothing on the matter of gaming, and even if I knew my knowledge is very minimal. To summarize, I want to learn. I am willing to study and work my butt off if I could have the chance to learn about gaming and provide games that helped change and effect my life to make me into the student I am today.

A Note from Mr. Sullivan, Kevin's Counselor

Kevin never settles for anything less than his personal best and takes advantage of opportunities to improve his station in life. He is active in the music program and participates in an after-school program. Kevin is diligent and task-oriented. He is creative and works well within the group dynamic. He possesses excellent verbal skills as well.

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