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KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA
Successfully funded on December 1st, 2015!
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Marco's Story

My passion is youth empowerment.

Throughout my high school career, the most prevalent aspect is definitely the Interact Club. The Interact Club stands for International Action, and we have two projects annually: one international project that revolves around major international problems and one community project that revolves around problems occurring in Northern California. I have always been the person to tackle problems that hurt our society as a whole.

By attending the National Teen Leadership Program, I will be able to be surrounded by passionate young activists that share similar interests as myself. I know for a fact that I will not come back the same person that I was before I went. Not only that, I am hoping to learn from various leaders from different parts of the nation.

A Note from Mr. Segado, Marco's Teacher

"Marco's passion for youth empowerment is the ideal springboard for membership in the National Teen Leadership Program. If the program is genuinely looking for "students who are ready to make a difference in the world" then they need to look no further than Marco. He has a genuine, heartfelt belief in the ability of young people to shape the world around them in positive and meaningful ways. He has asked me, in matching honesty and levity, what else he can do to foster student leadership at the school. These conversations have encompassed questions regarding mental health, stress levels and students' self-image. Marco is constantly searching for ways to meet the social-emotional needs of our community so that all students are able to take real ownership of their future."

Campaign Activity
Marco posted an update
August 3
After the Tempest

Woo! What an experience with people of different interests, backgrounds, and hearts. Sure was a doozy.

Enjoyed the people I met, I can say that for sure. The people were definitely an interesting bunch with hearts that were constantly wanting to improve.

Marco posted an update
June 8
Before the Tempest

Hello all!

Before I enter this empowering event, I want to extend my gratitude to all that have supported me in my endeavors. I am an avid dreamer and constantly try to push past each barrier in order to reach my greater goal of starting a youth empowerment NGO. With this, I thank you for allowing me a stride, if not a step, closer to my goal.

There's going to be lots of craziness, but within this three day of craziness, I will learn, grow, and listen. There's going to be lots of people, people of different backgrounds. But most importantly, there's going to be heart. Heart of those who care, love, and are passionate.

And with all of this, I will enter the tempest.

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