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Science & Medicine
Leadership Public School - Hayward
Hayward, CA
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Edith's Story

My passion is is to continue my education in health and medicine to one day help others.

Since I was two months old, I have been affiliated with the field of health and medicine. My cleft lip palate has led me down a path of interest in the types of conditions that I myself have dealt with. In the process, I have grown to be curious about how the body works and how we are able to help others live a more healthy and stable life. It has become my passion to learn and absorb all the knowledge there is to know about becoming a doctor. It is significant to me that everyone gets the care and support they need because the care I have received has impacted me to become a better person and to help others feel the same way.

This is a program that I am genuinely passionate about because this is something that I want to pursue as a career. I want to have the chance to be able to learn new skills that I can use in the future. I can gain a lot of information and actually experience different types of techniques and treatments and apply it to medicine. This will help me determine a clear path in medicine and healthcare and where to specialize. The program itself offers skills that can help me reach my goals and become informed in health.

A Note from Mr. Rhyan, Edith's Mentor

"Edith is a great candidate for Wishbone and NSLC Medicine & Healthcare because she is passionate about learning more about a field that has given her a better outcome in life and made her more confident. Wishbone is similar in a way. Edith wants to become someone who helps others by learning how to take care of and offer health services to others in need."

Campaign Activity
Edith posted an update
August 17
A Summer Well Spent

This summer, I attended the NSLC medical program and it exceeded my expectations. What I loved about it was the people I met and the experience of getting first hand knowledge on a career in medicine that I knew I wanted to pursue. This program is great for people who are interested in the medical field and it was helpful to for me to see surgeons, veterinarians, practitioners, nurses and even public health administrators. They really left an impact on me because they were such great people who loved what they did for a living, and just talking to them made me realize that I could be as great as them and leave an impact on someone someday. I was able to see various career paths in different perspectives, which was inspiring to me. Another aspect that I loved was the diversity of the people who attended the program. I met people from all over the world, and it was exciting to meet new people. I also learned about myself and what it takes for me to be a leader. Their leadership conferences allowed me to know more about my personality and think about my strengths and weaknesses. There were so many aspects of the trip that I enjoyed. I am so glad that I was given this opportunity.

Edith posted an update
June 23
A Step Towards My Future

This summer I'm going to be able to attend a prestigious program that allows me to experience what it's like to be a doctor. It's been a dream of mine to become a surgeon, and with this program I get the opportunity to be in the same mindset as doctors. I also get to learn more about what it takes to have the same level of leadership and skills to become one. Being able to get a glimpse of what your future might be like is a wonderful thing to experience. I can gain a lot of perspective on what I want to do with my life by attending this program. This lets me be able to determine what path I'm going to take. I'm certain medicine is the right career path for me and this program lets me have that opportunity.

I was born with a condition that led me to have many surgeries that had a long and painful recovery process each time. Looking back at the process of each surgery, I can remember all the effects it had on me; each of them made me stronger mentally and physically. I knew the importance to grow from each experience and to educate myself on how to recover faster, increase my health, and even learn more about the medicines I was taking. This is my passion because being a doctor lets you be able to help people in a way most people can't.

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