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Summit Public Schools: Rainier
San Jose, California
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Kenson's Story

My passion is engineering.

I discovered my passion for Engineering at a really young age. Unlike other kids, who would use their toys to imagine scenarios, I was always more interested in seeing how the toy was built and put together. Once I learned where the family's screwdriver was and how to use it, my life was changed. Whenever I received something new, the same two things would happen. First, I would play with the item for a bit, but once that got boring, I would look for any screws in the toy to see if I could take it apart. While I did break many things, I started to learn why certain parts of an object existed, whether it be for support or for decoration. Whenever I got home from Tae Kwon Do, I saved the wooden kicking boards we used and tried to make objects out of them, like picture frames or book stands.

Attending BlueStamp Engineering will help me pursue my passion for Engineering by providing me with good mentoring and resources to pursue new ideas. One topic that has always been interesting to me is wiring and programming micro-controllers to control hardware such as LED lights or motors. While the Internet is full of ideas and tutorials on how to use them, I have not had enough confidence or guidance to start investing a lot of money at the hobby. I feel that at BlueStamp engineering, I can use support from mentors who are experts in this to learn how to start using micro-controllers. I feel that learning this would enable me to create almost anything, since micro-controllers are extremely versatile. While this is not the only thing I would learn at BlueStamp, I find it to be an important one. Looking at BlueStamp's website, I see many projects utilizing micro-controllers.

A Note from , Kenson's Mentor

Kenson is one of the top students at our school. On campus, he participates in Speech and Debate Club and several service clubs. He also is active outside of school, working on his Eagle status in Boy Scouts, participating in Tech Museum competitions, playing the piano with great skill. Yet he never proclaims his accomplishments. Students all respect him greatly, and he gets along well with others because of his easy-going personality.

Kenson is interested in becoming an engineer, so he would benefit from BlueStamp Engineering by having an opportunity to explore and develop the skills involved in designing and building one's own project, as well as from meeting the speakers and hearing their perspectives on engineering developments and the marketplace, and what's involved in being an entrepreneur. Since Kenson has participated in Tech Museum mini projects, this would be a way of taking his interest and skills to the next level.

Campaign Activity
Kenson posted an update
August 24
Post-Attendance Update

Going to BlueStamp Engineering was a great experience. Before I went to the program, I thought that working with electronics was something that was too late to learn. However, after the program, I feel that I have the experience and knowledge to build my own electronics! At the program, I built and programmed a bluetooth speaker with audio-reactive RGB LED lights. A link to my blog about the project is here:

Speaker I built
Speaker I built
Kenson posted an update
May 21
Excited for BlueStamp Engineering!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for donating! I’m really excited to begin BlueStamp in June. I’ll be gaining a lot of experience building a Bluetooth speaker with custom lighting effects. Thanks again for donating!

-Kenson Nguyen

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Best of luck on the next chapter in your life.

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