AL has applied to attend Syracuse Summer College Computer Animation and Game Design this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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AL's Story

My passion is for cartoon design and production.

As with most children my age, I grew up with cartoons. This passion started with notebooks full of my own drawings. I later turned many of these into actual comic strips, and then started looking into the history or design and production. I could not believe how much time and hard work went into many of the movies I grew up with as a kid. I grew to respect animators even more, and started seeing a potential career for myself in the industry.

Attending the Syracuse Summer College Animation and Game Design program would help me pursue my passion, and give me a better understanding of what both of these industries require in order to become successful. This program is a condensed version of a college course, and would give me the chance to see what college life would be like. I have never visited a campus, and my parents won't be able to help pay for college, so this opportunity is really once in a lifetime for me.

A Note from Mrs. Diaz, AL's Counselor

Al would be a great candidate for this program because he has demonstrated that he is capable of enhancing his learning with independent study and dedication. Al likes to work hard and comes to school ready to learn every day. Exposing him to this kind of enrichment will help him explore his future goals and he could not do it any other way.

Campaign Activity
AL posted an update
September 8
Thank You!

First off, sorry for this being late. I've been busy with other things after the program had ended, but now I actually have time to write this. My time at Syracuse University funded by you, the donors, was life-changing and possibly the first time I was able to relax in years. I don't think I'll ever forget the time I spent there and the skills I gained. Again, thank you.

AL posted an update
April 26
Thank You!!!

To all those who helped fund my campaign, thank you so much!!! I'm really excited to go this summer and attend this program and it's all thanks to you! I can't express this enough, but thank you!

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April 26
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April 10

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