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Aleah's Story

Ever since I was five years old, I was always interested in chemistry. I watched movies, shows and real life documentary's about how the science was integral to our every day life. While I love all the sciences, chemistry and biotechnology were the most interesting to me. The idea of experimentation and testing as a means of solving problems excites me, and I would like to develop stronger skills in these fields.

Attending NSLC Biotechnology will help me to pursue my passion for chemistry and biotech by giving me a chance to do something that I've always wanted with hands on learning. I won't just be watching the demonstrations on tv, but I will be an active participant. I would not otherwise have this opportunity, and I can't even begin to think about how much I will learn and grow as a person. It'll show me what it's like to be a real scientist, and I will have the chance to learn from real scientists. This type of opportunity is once in a lifetime at my age, and will help me make choices for my own future.

A Note from Ms. Self, Aleah's Teacher

Aleah is an amazing young student with a passion to go to medical school. What I enjoy seeing from Aleah is that when she is committed to something, it will be completed without a doubt. She always gets her work completed quickly and to top quality, but I have not seen other students do this with as much personal investment as Aleah. She has had days where she will set her heart on a certain goal or outcome and this consistently impresses me. I have seen her stick with challenging problems that other students gave up on because she appreciates the challenge and the journey. When Aleah gets her head on something, I know its in good hands. I would trust her to figure out problems that are well out of her grade level reach. Often, when she finishes her work she takes the initiative to research topics that interest her more thoroughly. This is why I know she we be an excellent addition to this program. She is internally motivated to pursue interesting and challenging topics and has an amazing ability to follow through.

Campaign Activity
Aleah posted an update
September 8
Post update

The Biotechnology program went very well for me. I had a lot of fun while learning lots of cool things about Biotech. Although I did study a lot every night, it paid off with going to educational field trips. For example, we visited all the monuments in Washington in the night time and we went to a pharmaceutical factory where they showed us the steps to producing medicines we use today. I had many classes a day but one of my favorites out of them were making a robot where you can control using your hand. Another favorite was creating a new machine to help people with disabilities make their life easier with my group. Thank you so much for giving me the experience to visit and stay at one of my college choices. I realized how much of an independent person I can be without my guardians at home.

Aleah posted an update
May 3
Before Attending Biotechnology

I am going to be participating in the Biotechnology program this summer. I am really excited to be attending the program because it will give me an idea of what Biotechnology is about and a sense of what my career will be like in the future. I feel that wishbone is one of the few chances I have in helping me realize what my passion is and pursuing it.
I am looking forward to working with other people my age and researching live organisms with them. I chose this program because since I was five years old, I was always interested in chemistry and anything having to do with science but more with living organisms. I believe that participating in this program will help me decide on whether or not I want to major in science/biology.

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