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Abigail's Story

For years, Abigail has dreamed of discovering the psychological motivations for abnormal behavior. She can explore her passion in-depth for the first time this summer at Brown University.

Campaign Activity
Abigail posted an update
December 17
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

This past summer I attended Summer at Brown University where I spent two weeks. The course I took was about the human brain and greatly related to my career goal of psychology. In the course, I learned about the activity of the brain and what effects our decisions and actions.

This was a big learning experience for me. Although I have been on college tours, there is a difference between taking a tour and actually living on a college campus. Although I was only there for two weeks, it felt like I was actually in college. The two weeks gave me a glimpse into college and how it could so much fun but hard as well. Overall, my two week experience was intriguing and maybe I could see myself at Brown.

A piece of advice I would give to further participants of Wishbone would be to grasp very opportunity available and fully enjoy the program to your fullest capability. It is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Attending this summer program has definitely made me excited to attend college and continue to grow as a person and student. It has made me aware of the college work and independence that I have to continue to maintain because no one will be by my side to hold my hand.

Success! Abigail's campaign raised $1,950
February 6
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Have fun at Brown this summer!