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Liberal Arts
Fairchild Wheeler High School
Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Lovette's Story

I discovered my passion for journalism when I was a little girl, as reading and writing were my most profound interests. At a young age, I wrote a short story about a character who overcame a high-risk situation she faced, and I was nominated for a Young Author's award and won. This acknowledgment of my piece helped me realize that I possessed communication skills that I could share with the world. Since then, I've dedicated my time to expanding my writing portfolio (including personal narratives, argumentative essays, and op-ed pieces) and feel I have honed the skills that could contribute to my pursuit of becoming a journalist.

Attending Envision NYLF Digital Media and Journalism will help me pursue my passion for journalism by expanding my knowledge and granting me more opportunities in the communication world. Being exposed to many different techniques used by professional journalists, I will be able to honor the truth of people's stories, giving "a voice to the voiceless." For example, I envision myself bringing the public's awareness and attention to the devastation in Texas that was created by Hurricane Harvey. The power of journalism can affect and mobilize an entire population to be compassionate and to give back to their communities. It is a dream of mine to be able to facilitate discussions and debates with the truth I bring to light in my writing.

A Note from Ms. Peters, Lovette's Teacher

I am honored to be Lovette's advocate and to provide insight on her character and achievements. Since September, she has been thriving as an Honor student in my English 11 class at Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Multi-Magnet Campus, a STEM high school that specializes in IT and Software Engineering. Although I've only known Lovette for a short time, I've cherished the conversations we've had about her passion for reading and writing as well as her interests in pursuing a career in Journalism. Miss Johnson brings many talents and much knowledge to her work, especially in her ability to move others with her insightful and heartening writing skills. In addition to her academic prowess in school, Lovette is an active member of many clubs and activities outside of school, such as Keystone, an SAT club, and a college-prep program (V.I.P= Village Initiate Program). She is also part of the National Honors Society and a member of student council. In her spare time, she volunteers as a tutor (specifically for literacy) at her old middle school. In English class, she is always asking for extra work that she can complete outside of school. Currently, as part of her honors paper, she is researching the life and historical context of an author of her choice, and analyzing how the literature reflects the time period and the author's life experiences. Her passion for writing radiates in her demeanor and everyday presence at school. She is a very positive role model for her fellow students and offers her assistance to those who are struggling with content. Lovette sets goals, reaches them, and sparks proficiencies in her fellow students and friends. Miss Johnson will bring to Envision NYLF Digital Media and Journalism flair and dedication, but also wisdom gained from her participation in various community service projects as well as creative and technology-rich school projects. She will be a wonderful asset to NYLF Digital Media and Journalism.

Campaign Activity
Lovette posted an update
May 11
Pre Attendance Update

This upcoming summer, I will be attending Envision NYLF Digital Media and Journalism located in St. John's University. I cannot wait to obtain this great experience! I have chosen to attend this program due to my passion for writing, and I feel that it is important to gain as much experience now so that I am prepared for what is to come in my college years.

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April 19
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The Dalio Foundation is proud to provide support as you discover your passions and pursue your dreams. Keep up the great work!

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Because you must be a very talented young lady to be accepted into Wishbone! And so I expect to see your name in marquees all over the country pretty soon? How's that for applying some pressure? Just kidding of course. All the best to you and good luck!

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I am so proud of your accomplishments, Lovette, and encourage you to continue your pursuit of writing.

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Your application essays were very thoughtful!

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