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Fine Arts
Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 19th, 2018!
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Lananh's Story

My passion is music.
I am a cellist. I began to learn the cello in my freshman year after experimenting on the violin. When I played the cello for the first time, I felt this sense of childlike joy. From that moment on, I decided that the instrument was mine. Every afternoon, I would spend a couple of hours sawing away at the cello's strings and slowly improve. I also joined my school’s orchestra the same year I began playing the cello. I have met the kindest and most talented people through music and think of them as my second family. When I’m playing in an orchestra, the cello becomes an extension of me and I become immersed in the music. Music sparks joy in my life. It has helped me through issues that I’ve had to deal with in the past. In the future, I want to help people through music.

CREC Center for Creative Youth would help me improve as a musician and as a person. I would have the chance to learn from professionals as well as my peers. I have so much I want to learn that I haven't had the opportunity to yet. I am excited to work hard to create music, meet new people, and to grow. I don't have as many years of experience under my belt as other musicians, but I have the motivation to learn from my mistakes. I'm hoping that this summer program will bring me closer to pursuing a career in music.

A Note from Mrs. Cohen, Lananh's Teacher

Any additional exposure to the Arts and music making would be wonderful for Lananh. She has not had any outside of school experiences in playing cello and I know that being in a new situation, such as CREC Center for Creative Youth, meeting new people, and working with new teachers will be so enlightening for her. She has a real love for the cello and a deep respect for art making and the process. This kind of experience would be joyful and educational for her.

Lananh makes me proud every single day in the way that she challenges herself, pursues her passion for music making with focus and diligence, and the humility that she always brings to her learning process. She is one of the most brilliant students I have had the joy to teach in my ten-year career. As a musician, I marvel at the way she progresses despite not having private instruction outside of school. She is incredibly self-motivated and works every day independently to better herself as a player. I have known Lananh since she was a middle school student when she played violin and viola. When she got to my high school program and decided to play the cello, I was supportive of her decision but cautioned that it would be a lot of work to catch-up to speed on a new instrument. Her dedication to this pursuit has impressed me since the start and her progress is unmatched in my ensemble.

Campaign Activity
Lananh posted an update
May 21
Thank you to all of the donors!

I am incredibly excited to be attending a summer program at Wesleyan this July. I am also nervous about these upcoming months, but I hope to take advantage of this amazing opportunity I've been given to learn more about the arts and to develop my skills. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the support and guidance I've been given from my teachers, my advocate, Mrs. Cohen, the Dalio Foundation, and to all of the donors for supporting me!

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March 19
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March 19
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