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Liberal Arts
Lowell High School
San Francisco, CA
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YingRu's Story

My passion is writing.

When I was a child, I read a lot of children's books. When I grew up enough to understand all of the words, I read my sisters stories from books. Gradually, I found that I preferred to create my own stories. When creative stories flow out of my pencil, I feel proud of myself. Writing makes my heart full of hope and love. Education Unlimited Emerging Writers Institute will help me learn writing at a professional level and perfect my personal voice. I plan to challenge myself and have fun at this writing program, which my school does not offer.

I came to America from China one year ago. Although I learned English in China for years, I had few opportunities to practice speaking or using English. To overcome this obstacle, I raise my hand in the class and share my answers with everyone using my lousy English. I participate in the debate team at my school, speaking English loudly in front of lots of people. I believe this is a temporary obstacle for me and that I will overcome it.

A Note from Ms. Kazarian, YingRu's Counselor

"Despite limited English language skills, YingRu "Rain" has challenged herself with the most rigorous academic classes available here at Lowell. Even though she is only a sophomore, she is already taking two AP classes.

Rain is an excellent candidate for Education Unlimited Emerging Writers Institute. She is an extremely bright and creative student and has a strong voice that needs to be heard. Rain would benefit greatly from intensive work on her writing skills. She thrives when she is completely immersed in activities and would benefit greatly from this opportunity."

Campaign Activity
YingRu posted an update
July 27
Thank YOU, My Experience at Writing Camp at Stanford

Thank you all for giving me this fantastic opportunity! I had so much fun at this two-week camp at Stanford. I enjoyed spending time on the beautiful campus and I learned a lot at this camp, I learned how to share my opinions in the workshops and I improved my writing skills. I made lots of closed friends and we still keep in touch now. We went to class, the dining hall, and the dorm together. We were so glad that we found our common interests at this summer camp. We all love reading and writing. We shared our writing pieces and books with each others. I will never forget this wonderful experience. Thanks again for your generosity.

YingRu posted an update
June 6
Thank you

I am going to attend the Education Unlimited Emerging Writing Institute at Stanford University this summer. I am looking forward to learning to write at a professional level and improving my personal voice through this program. I feel really excited to be participating in this program because it will help me a lot with my writing.
I plan to challenge myself and have fun in this program that my school does not offer. This opportunity means a lot to me and because it can help me express who I am. I believe this program can help me develop my passion for writing.

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May 19
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Live your dreams! Good luck!

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I wish you all the best. I love you!!! Girl!!!

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April 22

Dear YingRu,
I am happy to support you to reach your goals. I admire your determination.

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April 22

I want to help shape the future leaders of the world and give them opportunities that expand their view.

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April 19
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