Maggie has applied to attend NSLC Engineering this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
San Francisco, CA
Successfully funded on May 2nd, 2016!
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Maggie's Story

My passion is engineering.

My passion for engineering began when I was in eighth grade. We were assigned to work together in groups to create a mousetrap-powered car. The most rewarding thing to me was how it was all about using your creativity and trying out different ideas to find a solution.

Engineering is the field that solves the most crucial problems of our society, such as purifying contaminated water or detecting cancer cells. Engineers are constantly changing the world with inventions and solution that impact the world. They get to dream up all the coolest gadgets, then they actually get to make them in the lab. Attending NSLC Engineering is my chance to have an experience of a lifetime. I will be able to learn how the hardware side of things connects with my background in coding.

A Note from Ms. Kong, Maggie's Mentor

"Maggie is a good candidate for the NSLC Engineering program because this experience will help her grow as a student, and personally, as an adolescent. In the academic aspect, she will be able to learn more about the field of engineering. She constantly expresses her interest in exploring the field of engineering. I believe this program will expose her to the different career opportunities in the engineering field. In the aspect of personal growth, she will be able to gain valuable life skills. Maggie is a great leader with her peers, and I believe she will be able to further develop her communication skills with this program."

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Success! Ms. Kong helped Maggie raise $2,995
May 2
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May 2
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April 13

Good luck.

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April 11

You are going to do great things Maggie!

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April 11

My friend likes you, but he doesn't have any money. So he begged me to donate for him. So you do your best for him alright. No kidding.

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April 1
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