Destynee has applied to attend Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
High School in the Community Academy for Law and Social Justice
New Haven, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 21st, 2018!
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Destynee's Story

My passion is art. Growing up, I would always see my older sister, and sometimes even my mom, draw. Watching my mom and sister draw inspired me to do the same. I've always loved coloring as well, because it would always calm me down, or help me pass time. I've always wanted to learn how to draw people, houses, buildings, so I started to sketch what I saw around me. Now that I am older, I still find joy in painting and in drawing because it allows me to express myself in a different way. It also allows me to be creative and lets me discover my emotions in a different way.

Attending the Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art will help me pursue my passion for drawing & illustration. I would like to learn how to draw better and practice skills for drawing. I have never experienced a program like Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art to help me enhance my art skills. I also would like to meet other students like me who have a passion for the arts. This program will provide me with the opportunity of becoming more passionate in this area.

A Note from Mrs. Diaz, Destynee's Counselor

Destynee will be a good candidate for Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art because she would like to enhance her art skills, and surround herself with students who have the same passion. Destynee lacks the exposure of receiving art classes or being part of a program due to limited resources. This program will expose her to great deal of arts and will provide her with the opportunity to enhance her skills because she could not do it any other way.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mrs. Diaz helped Destynee raise $410
April 21
Nicole Vitali donated $36
April 21

Happy to fund the last of your campaign - remember to NETWORK and get to know your like-minded peers! And make sure to bring back something new to teach me in the fall. :)

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Nicole Vitali donated $10
April 13

I hope this summer program lets you continue to explore your passion of art. Can't wait to see the skills and techniques that you'll bring back to HSC in the fall!

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Cari Strand donated $10
April 2

So proud of you for striving to have a productive summer!

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Creative Arts Workshop
Creative Arts Workshop donated $200
April 2
Student Contribution donated $99
April 2
Mrs. Diaz started this campaign
April 2
Destynee was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1