Ryan has applied to attend School of Rock New York this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Park East High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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$650 raised
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Ryan's Story

My passion is music.

I discovered this when I was really bored, and I notice how fun it was to play songs. When I kept playing, I realized I wanted to create music. After practicing over and over, I went to a talent show and performed. I learned that I like to entertain people. I also really want to learn more about music theory.

School of Rock New York will help me understand music theory and the purpose of having things like a vibrato. This program will help me to understand sheet music better. Eventually, I hope to use this new knowledge to help me create my own music.

A Note from Ms. Leimert, Ryan's Teacher

Ryan has shown his passion for music in many venues. He loves Michael Jackson and will often listen to his music when allowed. He has preformed in our schools talent show along with participating in clubs. However, Ryan has a talent that needs more support. School of Rock New York will help him develop his skills to take him to the next level. Ryan deserves this chance.

Ryan is forever trying to do better. He holds himself to high standards and has a drive to learn that I have not seen in many students. He understands himself well and tries new things with ease because he understands how this or that will benefit him in the future. Giving him more opportunity for growth will help him reach his true potential.

Campaign Activity
Ryan posted an update
August 30
My Experience of The School of Rock 90's Rock

My experience was bittersweet because I was not satisfied at the end of the program. However, I learn how to play 8 songs decently within 5 days which was good and I am glad to have this experience. But firstly It felted rushed to learn these songs. Then it was misunderstanding as well because I thought we were going to learn music theory and create music, I was wrong. But, I am glad that wishbone help get in this program because if it weren't for wishbone I probably wouldn't have gotten this experience.

Success! Ms. Leimert helped Ryan raise $650
May 16
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May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

Student Contribution donated $99
April 18
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April 18
Ryan was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1