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Kristi's Story

My passion is Criminal Justice- CSI.

I discovered a passion for criminal justice and forensic science when I was a little girl. Since I was six years old I had a passion for a career in criminal justice, and more specifically, as a forensic scientist. I blame my mom for that because since that age, always before bed we would stay up and watch Law and Order Special Victims unit together. This was initially what sparked my interest, but I can’t deny the fact that I want to help people. I believe that I am a perceptive person that is capable of providing assistance to people that have fallen victim to violent crimes.

Although those shows do not fully represent everything that happens in the real world, I have found the passion for problem solving which is a huge part in studying criminal justice. Everything that I have done in high school has been intended to bring me closer to my goal of a successful career as a forensic scientist- a career that I have dreamed about since I found myself alone in an uncomfortable place, imagining a brighter future.

I have recently been accepted at the University of New Haven in the field of Criminal Justice Investigative Services. It has been a goal of mine since the 8th grade to attend The University of New Haven and achieve a degree in Criminal Justice. Dr. Henry Lee held a presentation on his famous case OJ Simpson. He spoke about how he solved the case which also sparked my interest even more. UNH is known for its rigorous and extensive work in the criminal fields, which is why I believe, joining the Academy will help me get my feet wet for the field that will potentially become my everyday job.

A Note from Ms. Palazzi, Kristi's Teacher

Kristi is one of the hardest working students that I have ever taught. She goes above and beyond all of her assignments. Last year, she was in my AP Language and Composition class, and this year, she is in my AP Literature and Composition class. The students in these AP classes are of the highest in the school, and even in that group, Kristi stands out as the hardest working. There were numerous assignments that Kristi struggled with because the rigor of AP classes is so intense, but that never stopped her. There were weeks on end where she stayed after school for help each and every day. She always made sure that she handed in the highest quality assignments, even if that meant that she needed to stay and work with me every day.

I am also the adviser for the National Honor Society, and Krisit is a secretary. She works harder than all of the other NHS students, and she takes her officer role very seriously. She shows up to meetings early, and she also stays with me during her lunches to make sure that she is prepared for all meetings.

On a more personal note, I have gotten to know Kristi as a person, not just a student. I worked with her on her college essay, and she shared a lot about her personal life and the obstacles that she has had to overcome. I also talk with her mom frequently. I can truly see how much this means to Kristi and her family. Her drive and dedication is going to get her places in her life, and this scholarship is one more step to help her on her journey.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about Kristi.

Campaign Activity
Kristi posted an update
July 27
My Life-Changing summer at CSI Academy

CSI week was beyond amazing and experiential. I am so grateful I was able to be funded to attend. Although it was a lot of work to cram a semester worth of lectures and labs into only several weeks, I made it! At the end of it all, I had the opportunity to be part of a team and work hands on at a crime scene. I loved attending my classes every day and meeting with new people. This camp brought me out of my comfort zone and opened new life opportunities.

Dusting for fingerprints at a crime scene.
Dusting for fingerprints at a crime scene.
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