Kevin has applied to attend Envision NYLF Engineering and Technology this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Downtown College Preparatory
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on April 20th, 2018!
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Kevin's Story

My passion is engineering.

I found my passion for engineering when I was little. I had always been curious about how things were able to work. When I use to live in LA with my cousins, they had a PlayStation 2 and I had never seen anything like it. I wondered how it worked, how this little box was able to transmit the game on the screen. When I was in 8th grade, my mom bought me a PlayStation 4, which pushed my passion for engineering more. I always wanted to open my PlayStation to see how it work, how and why everything was where it was at. I started to see how things are made on the internet, and it fascinated me the way they are made. I would look up how other things were designed and built. I want to be able to design and build things myself.

Attending Envision NYLF Engineering and Technology will help me pursue my passion for engineering because it will teach me valuable skills that I can use later in my life. Attending the program will teach me the fundamentals of engineering. It will expose me to other part of engineering, which I can maybe take interest in. I will be able to work with industry professionals and university professors who can teach me and show me new topics. Overall, this program will definitely teach me the information I will need as an engineer.

A Note from Ms. Khalid, Kevin's Teacher

Kevin is a perfect candidate for Envision NYLF Engineering and Technology because our school, unfortunately, does not have the most competitive STEM course offerings. Kevin is extremely hard working, respectful, compassionate and an overall strong student. He deserves to be able to explore his interests at a level of rigor and intensity that our school simply cannot provide for him. I know that he would be extremely grateful to participate in such a program, and he would participate in the program with great focus and seriousness.

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Success! Ms. Khalid helped Kevin raise $3,395
April 20
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April 20

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