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Technology & Engineering
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
New York City, New York
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Aaron's Story

My passion is Game Design.

I discovered my passion for Game Design by learning and even playing basic games coded by my instructor and myself. I learned that gaming is also a great way (in moderation) to control or relieve stress in the body, as games can help people calm down and lose themselves in other worlds. Games that involve cooking, art, design, building, etc, are also great ways to help people see what motivates them, as well as what they might want to do as a job or hobby. Gaming is also a great way for people all around the world to get to know each other and build long meaningful friendships along the way.

I believe that attending ID Tech Camps New York will help me pursue my passion for Game Design because it will help me further develop my game development skills. ID Tech Camps New York specializes in many curriculums, one of them being Game Design, which will allow for learning about Game Design to be a smooth process. Overall, ID tech Camps New York will be a great way for me to learn step by step, how to design games with almost no stress or challenges along the way.

A Note from Mr. Fritsch, Aaron's Teacher

Passion is something internal. Something that can only be identified by others in the results of those who have it. What does passion look like? Passion is when an individual attends a full day of school on the upper west side of Manhattan and then boards an uncomfortably packed downtown-bound local subway train to the base of Manhattan in order to attend a highly competitive ScriptEd after school coding program (over an hour each way) just to do it all over again the next day. Sacrifice in the short term for long-term benefits. Aaron understands this like no other young man in his cohort.

When a metaphoric fire is ignited inside the mind and body of a young student, what fuels it is nothing short of more exposure to that which sparked the initial interest. Simply put, more opportunities. iD Tech Camps New York can, should, and will benefit Aaron's love of programming.

Campaign Activity
Aaron posted an update
August 27
My post program update

After attending my wishbone program I was allowed to experience a wide array of things that I believe has shaped me as a person. I have met people from multiple backgrounds, with different cultures, as well as differing personalities, who have all cultivated me to become a more accepting and cultured person than what I was originally. I was also allowed to express myself creatively through the unreal engine, as I was allowed to shape and mold things into whatever I believed fit. Because of this, I believe I have a much clearer image for my future as well as my career.

Aaron posted an update
May 29
iD Tech Summer Camp at New York University

When I received news that I had been accepted into the iD Tech Summer Camp at New York University, I was ecstatic. I was selected to participate in the Game Design and Development 101 course. I am excited to learn about how to customize and create my own 3-D images, and how to port them into a fully customizable level using the game engine, Unreal Engine. This will not only allow me to express myself imaginatively, but also gain early insight information for video game design. I would like to thank those who supported me during my Wishbone journey, allowing me to be able to participate in such a unique opportunity. I am looking forward to attending this summer camp!


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May 16

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May 4

Continue living in your passion Aaron. We all want to see you do well, know that you have support out here!

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