Ah Lei Mai has applied to attend Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Ah Lei Mai
Ah Lei Mai
Science & Medicine
Skyline High School
Oakland, California
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Ah Lei Mai
Ah Lei Mai's Story

My passion is environmental science.

When I started taking environmental science classes at school, I was really fascinated by it. I love learning about the environment, especially the marine life and its environment like stream, lake, river, and the ocean. It's remarkable to learn about the various forms of life that are in the sea. I learned a lot of breathtaking things in my environmental science class like how stunning the ocean would look and how many resources and how much life can be sustained without debris. Sometimes I go out to the beach and stare at the ocean. The surrounding is very calm and looks spectacular without waste everywhere.

Attending Camp SEA Lab Voyage Seaward would be an amazing opportunity for me. Sailing on a traditional 82 schooner will be a thrilling experience that could deepen my understanding about marine ecology and learning something completely new, like oceanography and meteorology. I love the sea and I gain deeper respect for it when I did a personal impact project for my environmental class and it wasn't too long ago. The whole point of the project was to reflect on something that I do that has a major impact on the environment and how I can go about changing it. Mine was about showering which has a huge impact on aquatic environment. From the research, I learned that using water in a necessary way can really pollute the water and destroy native species habitats. My study had me doing navy showers for a week to compare with my original behaviors. I saw a great difference in my change of behavior.

Ta Lynn
A Note from Ms. Mitchell, Ah Lei Mai's Teacher

Ah Lei Mai is one the most determined students I have ever met. He has advocated for himself to be apart of programs such as College Track which provides comprehensive academic support, leadership training, financial and college advising, and scholarships. In class, he is consistency asking questions that challenge other students to critical think about the proposed topic. He is very focused on not only his success, but supports other students. He can often be found in the classroom explaining a science concept to another students or studying ahead of schedule for an assessment.

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Ah Lei Mai
Ah Lei Mai posted an update
June 27
What I'm Excited About!!!

I can't wait to participate in all the fun, challenging, and uncomfortable activities. Somehow I should be saying the opposite, but I'm genuinely ready to step forth and face what may come my way. I will further boost my confidence with all the interaction that I'll be making. I also loved the nature and never been on a ship before. A lot of what this program will be doing with the attendees will be a new experience for me. I'm excited the whole way!

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