Kim has applied to attend UConn Explore Engineering Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, CT
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Kim's Story

My passion is engineering.

Math and science have always been favorite subjects of mine. Recently, I enrolled in an engineering class to see if it may be a possible career for me. The material of the course thus far has piqued my interest in engineering. I was able to design and build bridges, mousetrap cars, and amphibious vehicles. With the teacher’s guidance, I started with sketches of the designs, then created their blueprints on a computer program called CAD. The designs then come to life with various materials such as balsa wood, foam, rods, motors, and more!

A Note from Mr. Donewald, Kim's Counselor

Kim is currently enrolled in an Engineering and Drafting course. This course has helped to spark Kim's interest in the engineering field. Kim has always excelled in both Math and Science and many of her interests are related to subjects within these disciplines. Kim's passion for Engineering has grown throughout the year and she is interested in pursuing this as her college major. Current high school courses do not allow for Kim to be fully exposed to Engineering. By participating in the UConn Explore Engineering program her interest in this area can continue to grow and she will be able to gain further insight into a future career pathway.

Campaign Activity
Kim posted an update
July 17
Post Program

Thank you so much to everyone for the great experience I had at the UCONN Engineering Explore Program! The camp allowed me to develop an understanding on the basic fields of engineering. It also furthered my understanding of the biomedical engineering field. The camp was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow peers that I will hold very dear to me. Thank you everyone so much! I would not have been able to attend without your help.

Kim posted an update
May 9
Hello, thank you!

Thank you for contributing to my campaign and granting me the opportunity to attend the UCONN Explore Engineering Program! Wishbone will always have my gratitude for providing the necessary tools in order for me to attend this program. It means so much to me to have the support of friends, family, school staff, and wonderful people. This summer program is a great way to further my education and will introduce me to peers and educators with similar interests. Thank you for your support and contributions! :)

Success! Mr. Donewald helped Kim raise $700
April 27
Lavelle Ferris donated $83
April 27

My degree is in Engineering and I taught HS physics for several years (after working as an engineer.) You're the type of student that inspires teachers to keep going. I loved my engineering career and wish you the best.

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April 24

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April 21

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April 21

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April 6

Good luck Kim! Deadline for program registration is coming up soon. I hope you can still beat the 7:30 bell and get this fully funded.

Wendy Lou Duong donated $25
April 6

Kim exceeded the role of a student and went out of her way to help her peers. I will always be thankful for her contributions to my classroom and wish her all the best. - Ms. Duong

Emily Pallin donated $25
April 5

Have a wonderful experience this summer!

Mark Scott donated $10
April 1

Our Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter is always interested in helping kids learn about engineering and in particular aerospace engineering. See our web site for more information on our educational activities.

Michelle Vieira donated $25
April 1
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March 31

Good luck Kim! Remember, once you met your goal, you actually have to attend :)

-Coach V

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March 30
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March 30
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February 1