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Science & Medicine
Animo Pat Brown Charter High School
Los Angeles, CA
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Kimberly's Story

My passion is Technology, Medicine, STEM field, Mathematics, Helping others.

I discovered that I was passionate about medicine when I was a child. When I would go to the doctor to get flu shots, I was astonished at how a substance injected into my body would help me get better. I just couldn’t believe that when I would be sick, drinking medicine will cure my sickness and help relieve my body. I remember that when I would go to the doctor, I would always ask questions about what diseases do medicines and vaccines cure. I would be so amazed at what medicine can do so I would play “Doctor” with my siblings and I would hear their heartbeat with a stethoscope and ask them questions similar to those a doctor would ask me. Even today, I like watching documentaries on medicine and the effects they have on your body.

Attending the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine will help me explore my passion because it will be the first time in my life that I get to experience hands-on medical procedures. Additionally, this experience will help me gain insights on a career that I would like to pursue. Furthermore, this program will give me an opportunity to work with professionals and have an interactive role with medicine and healthcare. Participating in this program will guide me to accomplish a medical career experience, thus, guiding me towards a medical or healthcare career such as an Emergency Room Doctor. Having an opportunity to attend this program will help me expand on my passion for medicine in order to obtain a potential job.

A Note from Mr. Pickering, Kimberly's Teacher

Kimberly is passionate about the sciences, particularly biological science and medicine. She takes time to explore these areas of study in class and on her own time. Our small charter school cannot provide much in terms of hands on experience in Kimberly's field but that does not stop her from trying to gain experience. She participates in the Youth Business Alliance, an after school program that brings professionals from various fields to campus. Kimberly actively seeks information and advice from all of the speakers but is particularly attentive when visitors from the medical field visit. In this way she is able to gain insights into her area of interest.

Kimberly is a dedicated and talented student who will maximize the opportunities afforded to her at the National Youth Leadership Forum. Kimberly is extremely mature and astute, I am certain that she will truly thrive in such an exciting academic environment. Experiences such as these are few and far between to students in urban Los Angeles, and Kimberly is aware of this.

Campaign Activity
Kimberly posted an update
July 12
Life-Changing Summer

At the NYLF program I attended this summer I learned not only about medicine but about critical communication skills. I built life-long friendships with people from all around the world. Additionally, I learned to become independent and be responsible for myself. I learned that in order to get anywhere in life I need to step out of my comfort zone and be curious about what the world has to offer.

Kimberly posted an update
June 8
Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to attend the National Youth Forum on Medicine. Coming from a low income family, I never imagined I would someday be able to attend a summer program. Now, with your help, my dreams are coming true. Attending the National Forum on Medicine will be a life-changing experience for me. At the summer program, I will be able to meet people that are passionate about the same things I am. Meeting people and making long-lasting friendships will be an amazing experience. I will learn so much about my passion for medicine. Attending the National Youth Forum on Medicine will create an atmosphere of happiness that I can share with the world. This experience will help me get a head start due to the many activities and seminars that will help me learn so much. Without you, my dream wouldn't come true. Thank you.

Thanks for making my dreams come true
Thanks for making my dreams come true
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