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Kimberly's Story

My passion is working towards world equality.

I deciphered my passion when I had the opportunity to study in Beijing, China for a month through a scholarship with Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA). Throughout my time in Beijing, the most important thing I noticed was that many differences pull the people of China and the people of the U.S apart, like the food we eat, the culture we practice, and the lifestyle in general. However, I could not help but notice the injustices in my community and in Beijing that ultimately connect us as a people. I noticed that even though we have an infinite amount of differences we are all human with similar dreams and aspirations: equality.

For example, I noticed flaws in both education systems: in the United States, inner city schools might not receive an equal amount of opportunities as schools in communities with higher income. Likewise, in China, migrant worker schools for children of immigrants do not receive the same opportunities as Chinese schools for non-migrant children. Opportunities for children in both the U.S and China are based on their economic status and background.

I will develop my passion of working towards world equality by receiving a better global perspective. Attending UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute will allow me to truly evolve as a critical thinker in regards to the relationships of equality and injustices around the world.

A Note from Ms. Ramirez, Kimberly's Mentor

"UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute is an excellent fit for Kimberly. She has a demonstrated interest in global cultures and international studies, through her study abroad trip to China. Through this experience, her appetite for learning what exists beyond her own borders grew to new heights and inspired her to draw connections between her education now and the opportunities it would open to her in the future. The experiential nature of UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute will allow Kimberly to further pursue her passion for global studies."

Campaign Activity
Kimberly posted an update
October 1
Thank you Wishbone Community!

This summer I attended the Model United Nations Institute at UCLA and I am so grateful to the Wishbone community for this life changing opportunity! In the Model United Nations program not only did I learn about the procedures of the being a delegate for the United Nations, but I also met a lot of amazing young people from diverse backgrounds. This program allowed me to meet people from India, South Korea, New Zealand, and people from all over the country. I learned about their experiences and also got to experience the freedom of college life first hand! I got to dorm at UCLA, eat in the dinning halls, and attend classes daily. Thanks to your generous donations, I feel more confident when entering college next fall and I'm ready to jump into the next journey in my life with an optimistic mind. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about myself!

Kimberly posted an update
June 25
UCLA Model United Nations Here I Come!

In just a couple days, I'm going to be attending UCLA Model United Nations Summer Institute, and I'm so excited! In this amazing summer program, students will be given a country to represent as well as a committee and will conduct research on issues occurring in the world. This year, I will be exploring the issue of Discrimination Against Women and Child Soldiers. Prior to attending the summer institute, I am going to write a position paper on the background and the stance of Discrimination Against Women and Child Soldiers for the county I represent, which is Cuba. I'm in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural (SOCHUM) Committee. For the week I am at UCLA, we will be preparing for a Mock United Nations conference where we will come up with solutions to the issues we have researched. Currently, I'm in the process of writing my position paper on Discrimination Against Women in Cuba and I've realized that this is extremely interesting me because I myself am a feminist who dreams of a world of equality without regard to one's sex.

I chose this program because in my AP World History course my sophomore year of high school I would constantly come across the issues that the United Nations has attempted to solve throughout its history of existence. I remember reading the mission of the United Nations of sustaining worldwide peace and remember thinking to myself that this is somewhere I would love to work! I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge on international issues and living on the UCLA campus for a week! This experience will help me get a sense of how life in a college campus will be when I go to college myself. Overall, I am so happy to be given the opportunity to ultimately grow as a scholar, leader, and most importantly world citizen!

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It is an honor to help such an amazing girl! It makes me beyond proud to see a former student following her dreams!

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Congrats! Good luck this summer!

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I am proud of you and happy to contribute to a future leader like yourself! -Mel Scott

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