Shekinah has applied to attend Discover Hopkins this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Uncommon North Star Academy (Washington Park High School)
Newark, New Jersey
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$4,300 raised
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Shekinah's Story

My passion is attending college in the future. I found my passion for pre-college when I arrived at my high school. The teachers and faculty members are big on encouraging every student to one day attend college. I watched my older brother take advantage of the pre-college programs and enjoy them. I want the same experiences if not more experiences than that of my brother. I want to attend college and plan to attend a four-year university in the future. So I said to myself, “why not experience the college life now?” So here I am ready to go out and conquer my dreams and goals. Attending Discover Hopkins will help pursue my passion for pre-college because Discover Hopkins can give me a first-hand account of a college campus at Johns Hopkins University and be able to persuade me to want to attend a wonderful college. Attending this summer program can help me get a better perspective on the college environment and what I will be faced with in 3 years.

A Note from Mrs. Peters, Shekinah's Mentor

I believe Shekinah is a good candidate for Discover Hopkins because she has a tremendous amount of passion and drive for the things she wants. Participating in a program such as yours will afford her opportunities she might not have otherwise. Shekinah has a good head on her shoulders, she's focused and kind to her peers and adults.

Campaign Activity
Shekinah posted an update
August 16
I had so much fun

Thank you agian for allowing me to do this program at John Hopkins. I had so much fun cause I was able to make new friends and study something I didn’t think I would be interested in until now. I was able to actually experience the college life and have a feel for what I will face in the future. This opportunity was everything and more that I hoped it to be so thank you.

Shekinah posted an update
May 29
Excited for John Hopkins!

Once again, thank you to all my sponsors and supporters for giving me this opportunity to go to John Hopkins. I am excited to go, and am counting the days until I embark on this adventure. I’ll be leaving for Discover Hopkins in 7 weeks, and will be staying there for 2 full weeks. I am excited to learn more about the college experience. Thank you to all who donated, it means the world to me. This would not have been possible without all the support you’ve given me. I appreciate it so much.

Success! Mrs. Peters helped Shekinah raise $4,300
April 27
Anonymous Family Foundation donated $3,701
April 27
The Johns Hopkins University
The Johns Hopkins University donated $500
March 13
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March 12
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March 12
Shekinah was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1